Environmental Rights Enforcement in Ukraine

Do Ukrainians know how to protect their constitutional environmental rights? Are they aware of ways to assert their rights to a safe and clean environment? Are you ready to take an active part in forming an environmentally friendly urban or rural space for yourself and your loved ones?

Goal of the project: To ensure due attention for and effective protection of environmental rights in Ukraine

Objectives of the project:

• Ensure due priority for environmental rights in the social agenda.

• Build capacity of environmental rights defenders and journalists for effective protection of environmental rights.

• Raise overall awareness of environmental rights and methods of their protection.

The project is implementing by the coalition of organizations International Charity Organization "Environment - People - Law" (EPL), National Interests Advocacy Network ANTS, Zoï Environment Network with financial support Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Netherlands during 2020-2022.

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Our mission - to subjectivize Ukraine as a leader of the region and a "soft" power, a trendsetter of democratic transformations in the post-Soviet space and in New Europe.