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Together for Environmental Democracy, Justice, and the Rule of Law in Ukraine

Do Ukrainians understand how to protect their constitutionally guaranteed environmental rights? Do they understand how to advocate for their right to a safe and clean environment? Are you ready to play an active role in creating an environmentally clean urban or rural environment for yourself and your loved ones?

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The purpose of the project:

Together, we will build the capacity of environmental activists and their allies, including
lawyers, scientists, journalists, and anti-corruption activists, to solve entrenched environmental problems in Ukraine. These problems include water, air, and soil pollution; poor waste management; loss of biodiversity; and the impacts of a changing climate.

Project goals:

  • Strengthen the rule of law for environmental protection in Ukraine through
    civil society empowerment and democratization.
  • Ensure that environmental rights are given proper priority in the social program.
  • Raise public awareness of environmental rights and protection methods.


Our consortia of sub-award partners includes EPL, the National Interests Advocacy Network (ANTS), Anticorruption Action Center (AntAC), and Save Dnipro (SD). The National Democracy Institute (NDI) will also collaborate on a volunteer basis.

As part of our project, we developed the course “Assessment of Environmental Damage from russian Aggression”, which is available on the Prometheus platform.

russia will pay for everything it has destroyed. And for the destroyed environment, but it is not enough to say “russia commits environmental crimes”. It needs to be proven!

☑️With facts

☑️With figures

Facts need to be recorded and figures need to be calculated. This is what our course is about – how to calculate the damage caused by Russian aggression to the environment and nature.

Leading ecologists, economists, and lawyers will teach you how to collect and record evidence, use formulas, and apply the law in the course “Assessment of Environmental Damage from russian Aggression.”
Our audience: communities, local governments, business owners, specialists from state and municipal institutions, scientists from nature reserves and national parks, foresters and water managers, environmentalists, journalists and bloggers are our potential audience.
Let’s learn together how to effectively overcome the enemy and bring them to justice!
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Together with the Environment-People-Law, we are implementing the initiative “Documenting Environmental Crimes of War” as part of a joint project.

We are working towards the preservation of natural resources and the environment and are working to document the crimes of the russian federation against the environment of Ukraine.

Environmentalists informed journalists about the effects of russian aggression on the Makariv district’s environment.

As a result of russia’s invasion of Ukraine, a group of ecologists and journalists documented environmental crimes and ecocide on the Drevlyansky Natural Reserve’s area.

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