An active project

Greening of democratic participation

Do Ukrainians understand how to protect their constitutionally guaranteed environmental rights? Do they understand how to advocate for their right to a safe and clean environment? Are you ready to play an active role in creating an environmentally clean urban or rural environment for yourself and your loved ones?

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The purpose of the project

To ensure that environmental rights in Ukraine receive adequate attention and are effectively protected.


Project goals:
  • Ensure that environmental rights are given proper priority in the social program.
  • Do we anticipate the difficulties that may arise in preparing environmental rights defenders and journalists to effectively defend environmental rights and reintegration?
  • Raise public awareness of environmental rights and protection methods.


The project is implemented by a coalition of organizations, the International Charity Organization “Ecology-Law-Human” (EPL), National Interests Advocacy Network “ANTS”, Zoï Environment Network with the financial support of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Netherlands during 2020-2022.

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