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Strong as the Earth

“Strong as the Earth” is a documentary about usual anunsual Ukrainians.

Concerning those who feel responsible for their loved ones, friends, and even strangers. Concerning those who believe they are responsible for the entire country. Concerning those who take responsibility for what is and what will be. Because they are aware that each of them is Ukraine.
This is a project about believing that the war will end. Undoubtedly, it will end with Ukraine’s victory. Because there are usual anunsual people all over the country. People strong as the earth…
The documentary film’s premiere is planned in January 2023.

The project’s goal is to inspire the West and Ukraine to rebuild, to show new ways, personal stories of heroism, and so on. To demonstrate how, in the midst of a war, civil society in Ukraine is hardening, which is important in terms of international cooperation and attracting investment.

The project will show how every Ukrainian citizen can be effective and help build the country (in fact, civil society is being built now, when initiative comes from below, from people, from communities, and not from the authorities); it will encourage people’s initiative and responsibility in state formation.

The film’s distribution not only in Ukraine, but also abroad, will show the world how Ukrainians face war’s challenges not in the front lines, but in the rear. The project will demonstrate Ukrainians’ indomitable spirit. Mutual assistance and cooperation will demonstrate how much Ukrainians do for their country during the war.

Foreign partners should ensure that Ukrainians are truly deserving of international assistance, and Ukrainian towns should be assisted in restoration and reconstruction. A collaboration with Ukrainian and foreign media, as well as the International Center for Ukrainian Victory, is planned as part of the media project’s implementation.

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