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The International Center for Ukrainian Victory

The International Center for Ukrainian Victory (ICUV) was created in response to Russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine. We are a branch of ICUV in Slovakia, our task is to advocate and defend the interests of Ukraine at the international level and support actions aimed at accelerating victory in the short and long term in various dimensions, establishing horizontal ties between Ukraine and Slovakia.

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Because of the war, all ICUV members are forced to live and work abroad, and they are now collaborating to represent Ukraine’s interests on the international stage. They all have a clear understanding of the pressing needs that Ukraine must address in order to move forward, as well as strong connections with global stakeholders and partners and analytical expertise to significantly support these efforts.

Our activities for victory

Public advocacy for the strengthening of economic sanctions

Public advocacy for additional economic sanctions, including asset freezing and seizure around the world, with the goal of using the proceeds to support the economy, provide public services, and care for internally displaced Ukrainians in the future. The ICUV team spoke with up to 50 decision-makers in Berlin, Washington, Brussels, and Warsaw/Rzeszów, and held press conferences and other public events in Washington, D.C.


Protection of freedom and independence of Ukraine

Seek increased financial support from the US to protect Ukraine’s freedom and independence now and in the future. Communication with senior decision-makers continues.


Recognition Russia as a terrorist state

A media campaign aimed at convincing the US government that Russia is a state sponsor of terrorism. The ICUV team contacted over 60 US Congressmen in Washington and Warsaw/Rzeszów. As a result, Congress made a similar request to the US State Department.


Humanitarian mission

A study of the delivery and distribution of humanitarian aid in Ukraine was conducted, as well as the creation of a vision for improving these mechanisms.

ICUV priorities


Justice and the truth

Advocating for a more stringent sanctions regime and monitoring its effectiveness; assisting foreign law enforcement agencies in collaboration with Ukrainian authorities in the process of documenting war crimes and crimes against humanity during the war, working with refugees who have become eyewitnesses to crimes; a propaganda campaign for the establishment of a special tribunal against Russia and its officials, and promotion of this idea around the world.


Ukraine’s energy security

Collection, analysis, and dissemination of information about threats to Ukraine’s energy infrastructure;  advocacy among international partners for its strengthening by ensuring adequate supplies of fuel and energy resources; protection of critical infrastructure, including gas and electricity supply; and preparation for the 2022/2023 heating season, among other things.


Humanitarian assistance

Advancing Ukraine’s membership in the EU through analytical and research efforts to develop solutions for monitoring the effectiveness of humanitarian aid arriving in Ukraine; support for volunteer humanitarian networks; analytical support, monitoring of Ukrainian authorities’ activities, advocacy and promotional events in EU member states with a call for Ukraine’s membership.

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