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russian Assets as a Source for the Recovery of the Ukrainian Economy

About the project: assessment of the international legal framework for the seizure, confiscation and provision of confiscated russian assets for the reconstruction of Ukraine. Creation of an “international working group” on the legal basis for the seizure and confiscation of russian assets.

600-750 billion dollars is the amount of damage that russia has caused to Ukraine, and every day this figure is steadily growing. The main assets of russian oligarchs and putin’s close entourage are located in Europe and the USA. At the same time, these countries should take legal measures in order to confiscate looted goods from russia in favor of Ukraine within the framework of the law.

As for the private property of russian oligarchs, the current legislation of European countries and the United States does not provide mechanisms for their confiscation for supporting international crimes, from aggression to genocide, committed by russia in Ukraine. Confiscation is possible if they are found guilty of corruption.

However, it is possible to apply a mechanism where the reason for confiscation may be involvement in mafia criminal circles.

In our case, it would be possible to confiscate due to the connection with the kremlin, which is waging an aggressive war against Ukraine, as well as substantial support for this war.

World leaders have repeatedly stated that the kremlin must pay for aggression. Ukraine and some foreign countries have implemented mechanisms to confiscate the assets of those responsible for the war.

The ANTS Network project provides for:

  • Analyzing decisions on sanctions against russian assets
  • Analysis of legal mechanisms of search, seizure and confiscation of assets under sanctions
  • Study of the effectiveness of the introduction of sanctions against russian assets
  • Raising awareness of sensitive issues in the context of russian assets

The ANTS project “russian Assets as a Source of Recovery of the Ukrainian Economy” is implemented in cooperation with the National Democratic Institute (NDI) (logo) with the financial support of the National Fund for the Support of Democracy (NED).

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