MAKE RUSSIA PAY: Digital Exhibition Opening Program

Place:  SHAME Gallery, Rue de la Paille 30, 1000 Brussels

Date: 29 November 2023

Before your eyes,  will open an exhibition bearing a solemn call for justice and restoration – “Make Russia Pay.” We face a crucial question: How to make russia pay for its crimes in Ukraine? The answer, though simple in essence, is complex in reality and will resonate through our exposition – the confiscation of russian frozen assets.

We aim to raise global awareness that restoring Ukraine is not just our goal but a duty to history. The exhibition will testify to our determination and readiness to take responsibility for our future. Together with you, we will demand that russia pays the cost of its crimes in Ukraine.

In reflecting our significant relationships and ambitions, we believe that each step towards “Make Russia Pay” is a step towards stability, justice, and rejuvenation. Thank you for your support, and together we take the first step for the world to see: russia must pay for its crimes in Ukraine.

6:30 PM – Registration 

Formal Opening of the Exhibition

7:00 PM – Event kickoff by Ms Iryna Krasnoshtan, Senior Program Manager of the International Centre for Ukrainian Victory (ICUV)

Cultural Program

7:45 PM – Artistic performance and displays reflecting the exhibition’s theme


10:00 PM – Exhibition closure

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