The National Interests Advocacy Network “ANTS” is a non-profit public organization, and it is financed from various sources. Following the Statute, “ANTS” can receive assistance in the form of funds or property received free of charge as membership fees, non-refundable financial help, donations, and grants for the implementation of the statutory goals of the NGO.



You can make a charitable donation to the organization’s statutory tasks as follows:

  1. To the accounts: IBAN UA093052990000026007045024876 – UAH, UA113052990000026006015030437 – EUR, UA583052990000026009045033917 – USD, EDRPOU code 43262336, purpose of payment: For the statutory tasks of the organization.
  2. Set up a regular payment in Privat24 (Go to the Privat24 menu. Select the menu “All services” – “Regular payments (Calendar)”, in the field “Create a new regular payment” enter 43262336).
  3. Through the LIQPAY payment system.
  4. The Charizma UA project can be supported on the Patreon and services.

Public contract for charitable assistance provision


The NGO “National Interests Advocacy Network “ANTS” which operates under the Charter (hereinafter – the NGO), on the one hand, offers to an unlimited number of persons (hereinafter – the “Benefactor”), on the other hand, each individually – a “Party,” and jointly – the “Parties,” enter into this Agreement on the following terms:


Article 1. Subject of the contract

1. The parties agree that, in accordance with Articles 2.4.8 and 10.3 of the Statute, the NGO may receive free assistance in the form of funds or property in the form of membership fees, non-refundable financial assistance, donations, and grants for the implementation of the NGO’s statutory goals, namely:

3.2.1. Projects to promote reforms in Ukraine are being implemented.

3.2.2. Raising the professional level of sociopolitical debate on critical issues of state formation.

3.2.3. Political culture and leadership development.

3.2.4. Strengthening Ukraine’s subjectivity in the international arena in order to restore territorial value and state sovereignty.

3.2.5. Advocating for the continuation of Euro-Atlantic integration as a tool for achieving NATO standards and the EU’s level of welfare.

3.2.6. Advocating for national interests in order to strengthen the international coalition in support of Ukraine in repelling Russian armed aggression, using political and diplomatic means such as “people’s” and “cultural” diplomacy, information countermeasures, instruments of international law, and the activation of interaction with Ukrainians abroad.

3.2.7. Public opinion formation on democratic values and the defense of citizens’ dignity.

3.2.8. Create methodical, informative, and analytical materials.

3.2.9. Organizing thematic conferences, forums, and seminars

3.2.5. Advocating for the continuation of Euro-Atlantic integration as a tool for achieving NATO standards and the EU’s level of wellbeing.

3.2.10. Educational work on nation- and state-building issues.

3.2.11. Encourage scientific research on current issues.

3.2.12. Establishment of a communication space for interested parties.

3.2.13. Establishment and maintenance of an Internet resource for the coverage of current issues of state formation.

3.2.14. Analysis of the implementation of political parties’ and state authorities’ programs and statements.

3.2.15. Monitoring public perception of reforms and policies.

1.2. A public collection of charitable donations is recognized as a voluntary collection of funds among an unspecified circle of people, particularly using electronic means of communication.

1.3. Charitable contributions are directed toward the achievement of the NGO’s statutory goals.

1.4. The subject of this Agreement is not any of the Parties’ direct or indirect profit-making.


Article 2: NGOs’ Obligations.

2.1. The NGO undertakes:

– use the funds collected in accordance with the statutory objectives;

– provide a report to the Benefactor on the channeling of funds received under this contract to the NGO (upon request);

– With the Benefactor’s prior permission, publish information about his donation on the NGO’s Internet website.

Article 3. Obligations of the Benefactor

3.1. The benefactor undertakes to carry out:

– a voluntary donation in the form of a non-cash transfer of funds to the NGO’s current account via the LiqPay payment system with the purpose of payment: “Funds for the NGO’s statutory tasks.”


Article 4. Guarantees

4.1. The NGO has the exceptional right to use the funds received under this Agreement. If such claims are not caused by the NGO or recipients of charitable assistance, the NGO is responsible for ensuring that third parties do not have claims that could limit the use of funds.

4.2. The benefactor agrees that the donation is non-refundable.

4.3. By entering into this Agreement, the Benefactor confirms that he is familiar with and agrees with the NGO’s Charter, and that he has no claims regarding the possible directions of use of the funds or property transferred to the NGO, including for administrative expenses within the framework of Ukraine’s current legislation.

4.4. According to the current legislation of Ukraine, in the event of termination of the organization’s activities, the organization’s funds and property will be transferred to the state or other non-profit organizations.


Article 5. Property Acceptance

5.1. The NGO agrees not to use the funds provided by Benefactors for any purpose other than the NGO’s statutory goals and the payment of administrative expenses.

5.2. Funds are considered transferred by the Benefactor when they are credited to the NGO’s account via the LiqPay payment system.

Article 6. Control

6.1. In accordance with clause 2.1 of this Agreement, the NGO provides the Benefactor with reports on the use of the collected funds upon his request.

6.2. Operational and accounting, as well as statistical reporting on the provision and use of charitable donations for the purposes specified in the contract, is conducted by the NGO.

Article 7. Contract conclusion

7.1. This Agreement is considered completed when the Benefactor transfers funds.

7.2. This Agreement remains in effect until the parties fulfill their obligations under it.


Article 8. Event of Force Majeure

8.1. The Parties are not liable for full or partial non-performance of the Agreement due to a force majeure event (force majeure) if the other Party is notified of it within ten days with written confirmation from the Chamber of Commerce of Ukraine or another competent body (including, but not limited to, the Kyiv Chamber of Commerce – Chamber of Industry).

8.2 Force majeure events include military actions, mobilization, strikes, quarantines, fires, explosions, traffic accidents, and natural disasters, as well as state and local government actions and other events.


Article 9. Contract Termination

9.1 The contract is terminated as a result of the Parties’ complete fulfillment of their respective obligations.


Article 11. Liability of the Parties

11.1. For non-fulfilment or improper fulfillment of obligations under this agreement, the NGO and the Benefactor are responsible in accordance with the legislation of Ukraine and this agreement (Civil Code of Ukraine, Law of Ukraine “On Public Associations”).


Article 12. Location and details of the NGO


3150 m. Kyiv st. Velika Vasylkivska 102, A/S 122

EDRPOU code 43262336

IBAN UA093052990000026007045024876


MFO 320649

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