#MakeRussiaPay Exhibition in Brussels: Ukrainians Call for Confiscation of Frozen Russian Assets

The MAKE RUSSIA PAY digital exhibition was held in Brussels. It is organized by the International Center for Ukrainian Victory and the National Interests  Advocacy Network “ANTS” in order to tell the story of the losses suffered by Ukraine in numbers and data, as well as to explain why and how russia should pay for the crimes of its aggression right now.

The content of the exhibition is created by a team of cultural managers and curators who come from the regions most affected by the war. These are animated clips with collected data on Ukraine’s losses from the war and VR – from the destruction of the Mriya plane, airports, infrastructure and people’s homes to architectural monuments and educational institutions. In addition, at the exhibition, viewers could familiarize themselves with information about the number of frozen Russian assets and the legal mechanisms and methods of their confiscation. It is a combination of art, analytics and an emotional component.

The exhibition is part of a larger #MakeRussiaPay advocacy campaign by Ukrainian civil society activists to direct frozen russian state assets to Ukraine to compensate for the damages and stop this war.

Documented losses as of March 2023 reached $411 billion. Russia’s destruction of the Kakhovka dam alone caused Ukraine additional losses of almost $14 billion. The scorched earth tactics used by russia in the war are causing irreversible damage to the Ukrainian economy every day. The longer the war lasts, the greater the losses.

It is time to make russia pay for its actions. It is time to use the frozen assets of the russian central bank, worth about 350 billion dollars, for the reconstruction of Ukraine, compensation for losses and defense.

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