Russia is used to to exploiting informational silence to advance profitable narratives – Maksym Kiyak

Russian propaganda media continue to spread false information.

As a result, with the start of our military’s counteroffensive in the Kherson region, they began to publish materials about the alleged failed offensive of Ukrainian defenders.

“This kind of behavior on Russia’s part is quite expected, because it is used to using informational silence to promote profitable narratives,” believes Makim Kyyak, an expert on disinformation and strategic communications of the National Interests Advocacy Network “ANTS” – Even now, when there is informational silence regarding our military’s counteroffensive actions in the direction of Kherson, Russia is doing everything it can to discredit Ukraine and demoralize our citizens. Most of these deceptive efforts, however, are traditionally aimed at the domestic Russian audience, for whom the possible loss of Kherson would be a disaster.

According to the expert, one should be patient and never accept what Russian pseudo-media and Telegram-chats present.

“These intricate military actions do not last hours or days.” He claims that it can take weeks or even months. – On the other hand, you shouldn’t have unrealistic expectations. On the other hand, it is necessary to reject treasonous sentiments and allow Ukraine’s Armed Forces and all defense forces to do their jobs. After all, the enemy is cunning, cynical, and professional, and he is not armed with bows and spears. As you are aware, counterattacking is always more difficult than defending. At the same time, unlike the enemy, the Ukrainian Armed Forces understand the value of personnel lives. Of course, most people are tired and want a fast result. However, it is still worth being patient, using official sources of information, rejecting destructive thoughts, and concentrating on doing twice as much and more productively for victory. Ukraine is fated to triumph.”

It is worth noting that Western experts called the Ukrainian counteroffensive a coordinated process, the Russians were left without sources of supply and reacted chaotically.

Ukraine compelled Russia to respond by redeploying defense forces. The occupiers are forced to prioritize based on armed forces attacks. This is stated in an August 30 review by the American Institute for the Study of War.

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