In Slovakia the documentary “Strong as the Earth” was shown

On February 24, the premiere of the documentary “Strong as the Earth” took place in Slovakia. The broadcast of the documentary took place in the premises of the cultural center “Ukrainian Institute” in Bratislava, as part of an informational marathon dedicated to February 24 – the 365th day of the war, which has lasted for 9 years.

National Interests Advocacy Network “ANTS”team presented a documentary project to the Slovak audience about people who, despite the horrors of the war, make a life in Ukraine; hold the rear while the military holds the front; and feel personal responsibility for the country.”Slovakia became one of the first countries in Europe where the documentary film “Strong as the Earth” was presented. It was really striking how the Slovaks expressed their fascination with our conviction in triumph after watching the footage. People are even astonished by this, because they know our country is little in comparison to Russia, therefore they appreciate our tenacity and faith in winning, – says Anna Slyusarenko, the film’s creator and producer. Such film screenings, in my opinion, are one approach to inform the world about the war and present Ukraine and Ukrainians. By the way, when asked during the premiere what advice we would give to Slovaks, we replied: “Believe in Ukraine and its victory as much as every Ukrainian, and also support our country, because the Armed Forces are fighting the aggressor, holding a shield not only to protect his own country, but also to protect the entire European Union. As a result, the entire world should unite behind Ukraine’s victory and work to speed it.”
The documentary project “Strong as the Earth” was created by the National Interests Advocacy Network “ANTS” with the support of the “Renaissance” International Fund.
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