Ukraine’s mission – to defeat the totalitarian regime

Ukraine’s mission is to defeat totalitarian colonialism, defeat “prison of nations”.

This was emphasized by Hanna Hopko, head of the board of the National Interests Advocacy Network “ANTS”, during her speech to the US Senate.

“Moscow clear objective is to destroy Ukrainian nation as available political entity through the war obliteration. Russia wants to break the Ukrainian nation the same way Stalin did it with the Holodomor as genocide against Ukrainians, which took millions of lives in last century”

Ukrainian victory is the restoration of respect for International Law!

“Ukraine’s military victory is the only way to restore respect for of International Law. The two – to ensure the rights of nation for freely to choo their own future. The way to demonstrate totalitarian regimes not allow to attack their neighbours and to do genocide. Ukraine’s victory means to achieving a strategic goal – to ensure the inevitability of punishment for international crimes by russia federation and its leadership”.

Hopko emphasize that weapons changed the game’s rules.

“I’m so thankful to the US and Western democracy for the military assistance and humanitarian aid. Your weapon is a game changer! Now in the battlefield. Successful counteroffensive is there another example how Ukraine Arm Forces and Ukraine as the most effective recipient of US military assistance. The best way to help Ukraine to win faster is to provide more weapons, impose tougher sanctions, recognise russian aggression as genocide, and designate russia as a state-sponsor of terrorism”.

The leader of “ANTS” spoke about volunteer Taira as a symbol of the Ukrainian nation.

“I visited Helsinki Commission in April wearing a T-Shirt with the photo of Yulia Paievska and written “Free Taira”. By doing so I was advocating the release of Yulia and Ukrainian civilians and defenders. I can’t still believe that Yulia testifying in the front of you today. Just two weeks ago Yulia was back from Orlando Warrior Games, where she won 3 medals: two gold and one bronze. What an unbreakable spirit! I’m so proud that Yulia is here today. From the beginning of russian invasion in 2014 Yulia have rescued 7 000 people, trained first medical aid 10 000. Yulia’s mission – to save lives,” – Hanna Hopko highlighted.

Yulia Paievska (Taira), a Ukrainian volunteer and paramedic who had been held captive in Russia for several months, testified before the US Helsinki Commission. She spoke about the horrors of the Russian blockade of Mariupol, as well as the occupiers’ three-month stay in inhumane conditions and torture, and she called for more aid to Ukraine.

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