The world will not leave Ukraine without support

Putin made a huge mistake by violating global security.

The world will not leave Ukraine without support, but it must be understood that it is also guided by its own interests.

This was emphasized by Ilya Neskhodovskyi, the head of analytical department of the National Interests Advocacy Network “ANTS”, during a television broadcast on the “Pryamiy” channel.

“International partners will be eager to assist Ukraine, including financially. Furthermore, I am confident that, following our victory, the funds currently seized in European, American, and other banks around the world will be transferred to us as compensation and reparations. But you must understand that the world is guided by its own interests, and each country has its own interests based on its priorities,” – Ilya Neskhodovskyi concurs.

Neskhodovsky emphasizes the importance of Ukrainians actively defending their own interests.

“We must remember that we will be helped, but we must also fight for our rights in this world,” he says.

The only way for Ukraine to ensure complete security is for russia to disintegrate.

“The world is ready to pass judgment on Putin. However, he will constantly send two signals to russia: the first is a punishment for military aggression, and the second is certain opportunities (such as sanctions relaxation) in the event of a complete withdrawal of troops from Ukraine’s entire territory. Both options result in russia’s total surrender. And, in terms of negotiations, if Ukraine does not win, there will be no peace. These messages are unambiguous. Dictators must be held accountable. Putin made a huge mistake by jeopardizing global security. This is the foundation upon which global stability is built, and it is absolutely necessary to keep moving forward: to produce, earn, and so on. The world still remembers the lessons of World War II, which was caused by the illusion of a safe world”.

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