The best time to deprive russia of its UN seat has come

Ukraine has officially petitioned the United Nations to expel russia from the UN General Assembly and deprive it of its UN seat entirely. Despite the fact that the russian federation will oppose this decision until the bitter end, now is the best time to act.

During a Channel 5 broadcast, Maksym Kyyak, a  international expert of the National Interests Advocacy Network “ANTS”, emphasized this.

“As they say, the time has come to at least try. Let us not forget that, following the demise of the Soviet Union, russia became one of the countries that presides over the United Nations and the UN Security Council. And the statute makes no mention of its exclusion. However, russia continues to commit genocide against the people of Ukraine. And this is a crime for which she must be held accountable. However, the russian federation will lean toward the latter and will continue to use the UN platform to convince its own audience in the future. I believe she will require the assistance of the United Nations in this matter,” – Maksym Kiyak explains.

To exclude russia from the UN, changes to the organization’s charter are required, which, according to the expert, is a question for diplomats and international law experts.

“In general, I believe it is feasible. However, once again, russia’s voice is decisive. Not to mention China, which is a Russian Federation satellite. He will always vote because it benefits him and covers his own little brother, his already younger brother, if you will. russia is already completely reliant on China, both financially and in terms of potential political support. This is a legal question. That makes some sense to me. This issue has been long overdue, but the aggression against Ukraine, a full-fledged war, has exacerbated and intensified the situation. It is worthwhile to work in this direction. In diplomacy, nothing is impossible,” – he claims.

A few more important points from the conversation:
About the historical mission of Ukraine
Ukraine must “close this Pandora’s box” that the Russian Federation has opened so that other authoritarian regimes do not seize the opportunity to start armed conflicts. Our historical mission is to defeat Russian imperialism. After all, if Ukraine does not stand up, it will set a precedent for China in relation to Taiwan, for example.
About putin
I believe he does not own the entire situation. He may be isolated and have limited access to information. In a dictatorship, anyone who brings information that the dictator does not like is immediately disgraced. However, there is an opportunity to defend putin. It was not he who said it, but his entourage, and he found himself in this situation: it is not his fault, but the nightingale propagandists, for example. By the way, I’m already seeing a tendency to blame propagandists. They, for example, created such a picture. As a result, the truth is that he is constrained by information, but one must remember that the top of this vertical is putin himself.
About tactical nuclear weapons
I believe he is fully prepared to use it, and if he wishes to raise the stakes, there are already reports that these weapons are being transported to Belarus. In this way, they can claim that it was Belarus, not russia, who used tactical nuclear weapons. All of this, I believe, is entirely feasible. In addition, putin is prepared to broaden the front starting in February. It is entirely possible. He’s not going to back down, that’s for sure. This is evident from events in russia, as well as from laws and decrees issued by the government. But he recognizes that he will gradually lose.
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