Ramstein Summary: More Weapons Needed

To achieve victory and save innocent lives, Ukraine needs to acquire even more game-changing offensive weapons.

Hanna Hopko, co-founder of the National Interests Advocacy Network “ANTS”, ICUV – International Center for Ukrainian Victory, once again called on Western governments to form a coalition and supply Western tanks to Ukraine as soon as possible, including Leopard 2 tanks, which are widely used in Europe.

According to Hanna Hopko, delaying the delivery of critical offensive weapons for Ukraine, whether tanks, fighter jets, or long-range systems, means dooming Ukraine to more bloodshed and actually sending a signal to the russians that the West still has no strategy for Ukraine’s victory and the defeat of the aggressor state.

“The delay in the supply of weapons is to watch Ukraine bleed, or perhaps some politicians believe that such a situation will force or push us to negotiate with the russian federation. It is very unfortunate that, in the tenth year of russia’s armed aggression against Ukraine, the President of Ukraine declares that the defenders are running out of weapons, while we continue to beg for those weapons that will allow us on the battlefield to reclaim control over the occupied territories, where war crimes and crimes against humanity, rape, and torture are committed on a daily basis. Indeed, it is critical that there is no ping-pong, as we see all the time, about who should supply the weapons and who will be the first to supply them,” – Hanna Hopko said.

The ANTS’s leader emphasized the importance of a strong and united collective decision to assist Ukraine in finally winning this war and providing everything needed to liberate the territories, including Crimea.

“We are waiting for dosed support at each Ramstein. Prior to Ramstein-8, a coalition of states was formed that is willing to provide Leopard battle tanks to Ukraine’s Armed Forces but cannot do so without agreement from Berlin. Germany, which did not support Ukraine at the NATO summit in Bucharest in 2008, Germany, which built Nord Stream-2, Germany, which previously called for a political and diplomatic settlement of the situation in Donbas with the russian federation through agreements, is delaying the supply of weapons to Ukraine, such as Javelins, is delaying again,”- Hanna Hopko made a point.

She emphasized that Germany had a historical responsibility to Ukraine in the twentieth century, and that Germany should now assist Ukraine with weapons.

“We are not seeking restitution for the twentieth century. We are now requesting tanks so that we do not witness our soldiers giving up their lives under Bakhmut without weapons or because the weapons are insufficient for a counter-offensive. The most important thing is that the enemy is still preparing, recruiting through russian mobilization, in order to launch a new offensive. Almost a year after the genocide, we are not discussing russia’s retreat as a result of harsh sanctions. On the contrary, sanctions against Rosatom have not been imposed, and the enemy is planning new offensives. We also see the West’s reluctance to make this strategic decision regarding the provision of weapons so that the Ukrainian military can make breakthroughs in military operations to liberate its territories,” said the ANTS head.

Hanna Hopko has once again urged Western leaders to provide weapons to help save the lives of innocent Ukrainians. And this is only possible if our territories are completely liberated and Ukraine is defeated quickly.

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