Ukraine’s Formal Invitation to NATO is Only the First Step on the Way to Membership

In an interview with Voice of America, the head of the ANTS Network explained why Ukraine’s invitation is only the first symbolic step on the long road to membership.

Allies should not be afraid of the automatic application of Article 5 on collective defense in the event of an official invitation to Ukraine.

“Ukraine’s formal invitation to NATO does not mean membership tomorrow. invitation today; no membership tomorrow because there are a number of procedures to go through, including ratification by each member of the Alliance. And this is also a difficult negotiation path. This is a geopolitical signal not only to the Putin regime but also to all other elites, just as it was before the EU candidate status,” she said.

It is important to start the process of joining NATO now, as it can take a long time from receiving a formal invitation to full ratification.

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