Our military’s life and health lies behind each free piece of land. You must keep this in mind!

The counteroffensive of the Ukrainian military continues for the seventh day.

Such successes at the front are the results of competent and detailed planning by the leadership of the Armed Forces, high training of our defenders and military assistance from international partners. This was emphasized by Natalya Veselova, an expert on social policy and European integration issues of the National Interests Advocacy Network “ANTS”.

“The recent events have caused joy and optimism among Ukrainians, admiration and respect among our international partners and foreign friends, and fear and confusion among our enemies,” – Veselova says. – However, we must keep in mind that the Ukrainian army’s success at the front is the result of three factors:

– competent and detailed planning by military command,

– international partners’ military assistance

– our military’s high motivation and training.”

The expert emphasizes that even the enemy recognized our Armed Forces’ success.

“The enemy observes that Ukraine is behaving as a “superpower,” and that we are successfully attacking in three directions at the same time: Donetsk, Kharkiv, and South. It is also worth noting that the front is collapsing, because the enemy’s main forces and means were located deep in the rear, and there were small infantry means on the front line, where active combat operations were taking place. It is important to remember the high cost of vacating occupied territories. Our military’s life and health behind each free piece of land”.

The Russian army is frustrated. Because their army lacks motivation, these people will save their lives.

“We already see these lines at the border, and there is insider information that russia is ready to let only women with children under the age of 14 and military personnel from the occupied territories pass through; everyone else will be sent back to fight,” – Natalya Veselova said.

The Ukrainian military captured many of the occupiers.

“It is good that Ukraine has a good exchange fund. The more russians we capture, the more Ukrainian soldiers we will be able to bring home”.

A member of the “ANTS” emphasizes that, despite our army’s successes, it is too soon for Ukrainians to relax:

“I want Ukraine to win before the end of the year. But I consider that the war will continue into next year. As a result, we must make additional adjustments to support the army. We must prepare morally, physically, and economically for this. It is the responsibility of all Ukrainians who are not in the military to support the economy by working, creating jobs, and paying taxes. It is also worthwhile to consider first aid courses or military training in order to be prepared to replace your comrades who are killed or injured”.

The expert advises those living abroad to adapt quickly: learn the language and find work so that they can “donate” to the Armed Forces.

“I know that some Ukrainians were so inspired by the successes of our army that they have already packed their bags to go home. But it is worth looking at the map, we still have a lot of occupied territories left. Therefore, it is too early to return, it is better to focus on the help of the army,” – Natalya Veselova said.

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