Members of the «ANTS» Network took part in the summit «Interaction of volunteers – the support of Ukraine»

There are many difficulties and challenges in the work of Ukrainian volunteers. 120 participants from different parts of Ukraine gathered at the international summit «Interaction of volunteers – the support of Ukraine» in Lutsk to discuss volunteer workdays and share their experiences. Among the participants are volunteers, military personnel, officials, public activists and government officials.

Yulia Vusenko and Oksana Yurynets, members of the ANTS Network for the Protection of National Interests, also took part in the event.

«This forum has become a great platform for uniting government representatives, participants of leading volunteer and charity initiatives, military, public activists, people’s deputies, and foreign partners. It provided an opportunity to exchange experience and cooperation of the volunteer environment, public initiatives to bring the Victory of Ukraine closer. During the event, three panel discussions took place: they talked about volunteers’ reporting, about safety, they exchanged their own thoughts and experiences, etc. They touched on very important trigger topics for volunteers. People received a colossal charge of energy from communication and a lot of necessary and useful information,» says Yuliya Vusenko.

The participants of «ANTS» also shared their unique experience of cooperation and cooperation with various volunteer foundations and charitable organizations, both from Ukraine and abroad:

«We talked about the issue of interaction between volunteers. Using the examples of the Volunteer Headquarters «Ukrainian Team» and the First Women’s Veteran Space «ReHab» and the «ANTS» Network, we showed how you can strengthen each other in your work and how this synergy has a positive effect on the result. On the way to Victory, we must not only direct our efforts correctly, but also multiply them – cooperate, so that we can scale the processes, – emphasized Oksana Yurynets, a member of «ANTS». – The subject of volunteer reporting was also raised. With the beginning of the full-scale aggression of the russian federation on the territory of Ukraine, almost everyone joined volunteer activities. Quite often, a situation arises when a person who is engaged in volunteering collects money on a personal card, and at the same time is not registered as a «volunteer-individual», then with this money he buys goods, equipment, medicines and other things, which he then hands over to the military or injured civilians. But, according to the legislation, these funds are considered «other income of a citizen», and the tax service can charge 18 % of the personal income tax (PIT) and 1.5 % of the military levy (VS) on the entire amount of volunteer assistance collected. Therefore, it is important that every volunteer understands how to correctly conduct charitable activities in accordance with the norms of current legislation. We live in a state governed by the rule of law, and everything must be within the framework of the law,» said the «ANTS» participant.

The «ANTS» team is very grateful to the organizers of the Stare Misto Lutsk BF for such an important event, which helped unite the forces and resources of our country to achieve an important goal – the Victory. Together we can do more and help those in need.

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