Democratic countries must focus their economies on military requirements

Hanna Hopko shared the key lessons-conclusions that must be understood in order to continue the global fight against authoritarianism.

Hundreds of negotiations, the search for genuine Ukrainian partners and friends. Since the full-fledged invasion, the head of the National Interests Advocacy Network “ANTS” and her team have been engaged in continuous advocacy of Ukraine’s interests in Europe and the United States for ten months, in order to convey to the entire world the geopolitical significance of the Ukrainian victory and to persuade the world community to accelerate the supply of weapons for the de-occupation of our territories.

Hanna Hopko, the head of the National Interests Advocacy Network “ANTS”, shared the main lessons-conclusions that should be understood in order to continue the active struggle against Russian aggression in Ukraine, which has been ongoing for the ninth year, 10 months of which are open genocide against our people, on her Twitter.

We need to understand the following ten main lessons-conclusions:

1. Russia is a failed state that sponsors terrorism and is defined by its imperialism.

2. The West’s nuclear fears stem from the failure of nuclear non-proliferation deterrence following Ukraine’s surrender of the world’s third largest arsenal. The Budapest Memorandum’s security guarantees are meaningless.

3. Western intelligence underestimated Ukraine’s stability.

4. The increased focus on Taiwan as a result of Russia’s full-fledged war in Ukraine necessitates preventive measures and a shift from strategic ambiguity to strategic clarity.

5. Energy and food weaponization are critical components of an authoritarian regime’s Divide and Conquer strategy.

6. Shows the value of moral leadership in the world.

7. Democracy is blah blah blah without guns. Democratic countries must focus their economies on military requirements.

8. Ukrainians became the world’s most resilient nation: fearless people and the bravest Armed Forces worked wonders with limited resources: they endured without giving up. Ukraine’s global importance, relevance, and significance. Not only is security on the European continent a concern.

9. In the twenty-first century, the West has failed to prevent genocide. Sanctions as a form of punishment are ineffective because they act slowly, do not stop aggressive behavior, and are insufficient. It is necessary to create legal grounds for seizing Russian assets.

10. The significance of bridging strategic and alliance coordination gaps. Development of a strategy for victory over the Russian Federation in Ukraine, as well as a strategy for combating authoritarianism in the global South.



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