50 countries from the Ramstein coalition are ready to support Ukraine after the war

50 countries from the anti-putin Ramstein coalition talk about the long-term perspective of helping Ukraine after the war.

Hanna Hopko, the head of the «ANTS» National Interests Advocacy Network, emphasized this during the interview.

«If the head of the Pentagon previously stated that everything should be done to ensure that Russia loses and never attacks again, we are now talking about a strategy to help win, as well as attracting future investments for Ukraine’s military-industrial sector. This is a serious strategy».

Hopko emphasized that now the task of the Ukrainian side is to talk to the US about strengthening the Armed Forces.

«Our task, particularly here in Washington, is to discuss how we can strengthen Ukraine’s Armed Forces. Himars and ATACMS are still required. The summer in Crimea was hot, bringing us closer to de-occupation. However, much more effort and weapons are required for Crimea to be liberated from Russian invaders. Weapons are important, and we discuss them,» – the ANTS leader emphasized this.

It is critical that Congress hear the administration’s report on how more than $15 billion of the $40 billion package was spent.

«It is very important. There will be a new aid package in September-October. Here we need to talk about priorities, in particular the General Staff, which sent a vision for the strategy for the year, not only counteroffensive operations, but also how to strengthen the capacity of the Ukrainian Armed Forces in general,” says Hopko. «The most important aspect of this story is how Ukraine demonstrates how each dollar and euro are used. It’s nothing short of a miracle. In comparison to the Russians, who are unable to conquer Ukraine with their millions due to demotivation, unprofessionalism, and corruption, this is the most effective method. At the same time, if we had received weapons sooner, we could have avoided many human casualties and prevented territory conquest».

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