We hope to see Leopard tanks in Ukraine soon – Maria Golub

A few months ago, Germany’s policy of support for Ukraine underwent fundamental changes.

This was emphasized on Channel 5 by Maria Golub, an expert on European integration and bilateral relations with the EU and a member of the National Interests Advocacy Network “ANTS”.

“A fundamental shift occurred in Germany a few months ago, and it is not only about the heavy weapons that they refused to provide to Ukraine for a long time, and then provided them anyway”. According to Maria Golub, the issue of Nord Stream 2 was the final straw in this, when it became clear that doing business as usual with the russian federation was impossible. “Germany recognized that because it is the EU’s largest economy, it is not only a source of pride, but also a source of responsibility. As a result, European politicians and German political circles declared that they will not resume business as usual. And it truly is. Because many economic processes were linked to the russian federation, Germany’s role was critical. They are now actively pursuing a substitution policy, which includes not only energy resources, but also fertilizers and food products. I believe russian diplomats and leaders will receive more than one such unpleasant message from Germany and other European leaders. In fact, the key point here is that these messages are followed by concrete actions, particularly in relation to Ukraine. We require additional weapons from Germany, as well as leadership on issues such as restoring Ukraine and rebuilding critical infrastructure that is currently being actively destroyed by the russian federation. As a result, we anticipate that Mr. Sholtz’s statements will be accompanied by specific documents and a specific number of Leopard tanks arriving in Ukraine soon”.

The expert also emphasized that russia’s post-Kherson tactics should be as tough as possible.

“They will not forgive us for our successes in Kherson. Here, it is necessary to look at how different the tactics of Ukraine and Russia are. It is no secret that the liberation of Kherson required considerable efforts on the part of our armed forces. They tried as much as possible to conduct offensive operations in such a way that they did not affect the local population. Once again, we demonstrated to the entire world that we care about our people, and not only about the liberation. We are already seeing increased shelling of Ukraine’s left bank, which is temporarily under russian federation control. Massive strikes are also expected on the recently liberated Kherson. Every day, we hear about how massive the mining of these territories was, and it is not difficult to imagine that the elderly and children were the first to suffer as a result. As a result, we are now discussing the importance of preparing as much as possible for such blows. “We need more air defense systems so that we can close the liberated areas and continue the Armed Forces’ offensive operations as much as possible,” – she says.

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