US elections: Ukraine already has a list of Republicans with whom it should establish stronger relations

Ukraine already has a list of republicans with whom it should establish stronger relations.

The head of the National Interests Advocacy Network “ANTS”, commenting on the elections in the United States, emphasized this.

“It is critical to collaborate with both Republicans and Democrats. Although we understand that the Republicans are expected to have a majority in the House of Representatives. Our Washington friends already have lists of Republicans with whom it is worthwhile to establish closer ties and convey the necessary messages. After all, we know that presidential campaign preparations will begin after the midterm elections,” – Hanna Hopko stated.

The leader of “ANTS” emphasized the importance of Ukraine learning to defend its interests while avoiding involvement in internal scandals.

“The question has already been raised: how Ukraine uses the aid given to it, where does the money go, because economic issues in the United States, inflation – all of this has contributed to the politicization of the aid given to us. Many people have already told us to brace ourselves for hearings, inspections, and inquiries into how American aid was used, – she says. – I heard from Republican senators who voted against giving us the aid package that the war in Europe is ongoing, and why should their components pay for it? As a result, we must explain Ukraine’s strategic importance to the national interests of the United States. And why is the acceleration of victory removed from the global agenda of providing food for the world, as well as the issue of inflation and energy blackmail, the onslaught of authoritarianism? Our task in this marathon is to defend our own interests, because the spring of our victory must come after a difficult winter”.

Hanna Hopko stated that Ukraine should be grateful for everything it has received while also requesting more weapons in order to accelerate the victory.

“As a result, our task is not to be drawn into their internal issues, but to clearly articulate what the US interest is in Ukraine’s accelerated victory,” she emphasized.

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