Ukrainians near the IAEA office in Vienna demanded security for Ukrainian nuclear power plants

Under the IAEA building in Vienna, the action “Safety of Ukrainian nuclear plants – Safety of the World” was held. NGO «Save Dnipro» organized it, along with colleagues from other Ukrainian and international organizations.

Nataliya Veselova, a member of the National Interests Advocacy Network “ANTS” has joined the action, which aims to draw the attention of IAEA participants to the issue of nuclear terror and Russian provocations.

“We were joined by citizens from other countries, including Bulgaria and Austria.” According to Nataliya Veselova, “we were also supported by Iranians, who held an action in support of the protesters in Iran.”

The participants in the action staged a real performance, simulating the consequences of an accident caused by Russian troops at Europe’s largest nuclear power plant, the Zaporizhzhia NPP.

“The first siren sounded, warning of impending disaster, and then the organizers read out their demands. Following the second siren, activists wearing T-shirts with the names of EU countries collapsed, demonstrating what could happen to them in the event of a disaster. Ukraine was the first country to fall, followed by neighboring countries, and so on. We attempted to demonstrate that not only our country is under attack. As a result, in the event of a nuclear disaster caused by the Russian Federation, Ukraine will not be the only victim. The continent as a whole will be affected. As a result, it is critical to do everything possible to prevent any Russian provocations,” – ANTS member said.

The event’s participants also addressed a collective open letter signed by more than 50 public organizations to the representatives of the countries participating in the general conference, as well as to the IAEA’s management and executive bodies.

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