Ukraine’s Armed Forces are Europe’s shield!

We will strand at the EU as an spiritual basket of Europe, also as a values defender, also as a security guarantor. Because Ukrainian Arm Forces are de-facto  European Arm Forces.

This was emphasized by the head of the National Interests Advocacy Network “ANTS” Hanna Hopko during the Budapest Forum.

«Actually today Ukrainian are mobilised and united as never before. And 91% of populations support the EU integration. 93% are believe in and confident that Ukraine is winning this war and victory in Ukrainian view is the full restoration of territory integrity and sovereignty in international recognised borders 1991. So Ukrainians are fighting risky and giving their lives to remain independent country with European values. And I think it’s really important that we are defending not just independence of Ukraine, but also contributing to global I would say security, not just preventing the devastation going beyond Ukrainian borders, and not to allow authoritarian regimes to attack. – said Hopko – And we are advocating. I just came from Washington DC, I visited the last week which the key goals – to recognise russian as genocide and designate, russia as a state sponsor of terrorism».

The leader of “ANTS” emphasized that a truly historic event took place in June, when Ukraine received candidate status.

«I remember in May and June, will we travel with our International Centre for Ukrainian victory to key capitals – Berlin, Paris, Brussels to convince the decision-makers that granting Ukraine a candidate status. Actually, we deserve not just because of Russian full-scale escalation, but also because of reform. We implemented reforms, who implemented it after Euromaidan – the Revolution of Dignity. – Hanna Hopko highlighted – It also was a geopolitical signal to russian federation, to kremlin. The plan of the Ukrainian president, our government with vice prime-minister Olga Stefanishina after candidates status – to implement seven commitments all legislation and to progress for after candidate stages. The membership will not take like for other countries decades. And I think it’s in interest of both – Ukraine and European Union!»

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