Ukraine’s accession to the EU in 2029 is a realistic scenario

Ukraine’s accession to the EU in 2029 is a realistic scenario.

Hanna Hopko, the leader of the National Interests Advocacy Network “ANTS”, stressed this on a Channel 5 program.

“Indeed, the year 2029 is a realistic scenario in which Ukraine may join the EU. Even before the full-scale invasion, the goal was for Ukraine to join the EU and NATO by 2030. This is a noteworthy day since an assembly of Europe’s royal families took place in Lutsk Castle 600 years ago, in 1429, according to Hanna Hopko. – We must recognize that Ukraine today has all of the opportunities and chances to do so far sooner than 2029. Despite the limitations of this, according to Lithuanians, optimistic scenario. But a lot depends on us. Take, for example, how we gained a candidate’s status; many people were doubtful and believed it was impractical. There were even EU countries who wanted to provide us with a hybrid kind of candidate status.”

The leader of “ANTS” stressed that there are countries that recognize Ukraine’s potential as a leader.

“A worldwide leader, given that we have been opposing russian armed aggression for nine years and are aiming for victory.”

According to Hanna Hopko, the key task for Ukraine in 2023 is to open the negotiation process on joining the EU.

“The key task for Ukraine in 2023 is to initiate negotiations to advance to the next step on the path to membership. This is the time for us to do everything we can in the centre of the country to start the negotiations this year. Why? Because elections will be held in the United States, the European Union, Ukraine, Russia, Moldova, and many other countries in 2024. As a result, we would like to avoid politicizing our Euro-Atlantic European integration, and we may begin the negotiation process in 2023, – she added. – Today, we must continue advocacy travels to persuade. Following Sweden, Spain will preside over the EU beginning in June, and we must promote our national interests.”

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