Ukraine and its partners must agree on what Ukrainian victory means and how to speed up it

Volodymyr Zelenskyi’s visit to Washington is extremely important. After 9 years of Russian military aggression against Ukraine and 10 months of true genocide, there should finally be a shared understanding of what Ukrainian victory means and how to speed up it.

Hanna Hopko, the head of the National Interests Advocacy Network “ANTS”, emphasized this on “NV” radio.

“This is the most important thing,” – Hanna Hopko said. – Ukraine requires weapons not to sit at the negotiating table, but to see a complete victory for Ukraine and russia’s defeat. We want people to understand why a faster victory is in the West’s best interests. The tightening of certain types of weapons that we have seen has already cost our defenders their lives”.

The “ANTS” leader emphasized the importance of the West understanding that the russian federation is a state sponsor of terrorism.

“This is the source of all evil. Because de-imperialization of russia, along with NATO membership, are security guarantees for Ukraine. President Zelenskyi must explain what we want to see, including the West’s moral obligation to assist Ukraine in winning faster. And not to hear the usual fears, such as those about the use of nuclear weapons, she says. – Forecasts about Ukraine’s stability that were made from the start of the invasion did not come true. Remember how, during the summer, many skeptics engaged in subversive activities and claimed that Ukraine lacked the ability to win a war with russia? Ukraine’s victory is critical for the West as a whole, especially after the loss of a certain image in Afghanistan. Now, when everyone is talking about China’s ambitions and desire for global dominance, it is critical to demonstrate that this meeting of the two presidents is about more than just bilateral relations between Ukraine and the United States, but about the United States as a strategic partner and guarantor”.

Hanna Hopko is convinced that the United States, as a security guarantor, should do everything for Ukraine to win.

“Attempts to settle the conflict through political and diplomatic peaceful means led to genocide. As a result, now is the time to consider how to provide Ukraine with timely weapons, including armor. Yes, our friend Andriana Susak, a defender, was seriously injured at the end of November. Do you understand why? Because there is insufficient armor. As a result, our task is to persuade the government to expedite the delivery of weapons that are important to us. I hope that following Volodymyr Zelenskyi’s visit to Washington, Ukraine will receive all necessary weapons, because the Russian Federation’s plans are very clear. And the West should already be drawing conclusions and admitting its errors in approach. Because it was the tightening of some weapons that led to the possibility of a new attack on Kyiv in the tenth month of the war, as a result of the mobilization and replenishment of kamikaze drones. It should be obvious that any delay only feeds the kremlin’s appetite”.

A few more important points from the interview:

  • Ukraine has a moral right to destroy enemy targets from which critical infrastructure and civilian populations are destroyed.
  • We discussed Holodomor and Colodomor over the summer. Now is the time to discuss Ukraine as a global guarantor of food security, because massive attacks on critical infrastructure facilities will be followed by attacks on state food reserves. All in the name of causing hunger in the middle of the country and putting the world at risk of another food crisis. As a result, I am hopeful that this meeting will result in a shared understanding and a solution. We want the United States to identify russia as a state sponsor of terrorism.
  • Ukraine’s moral authority as a contributing leader has grown significantly, but our country must also demonstrate its readiness to propose the next plan of action following russia’s defeat. This plan should include the withdrawal of russian troops from Belarus, Transnistria, Georgia’s occupied territories, and the demilitarization of the Kaliningrad region. russia’s total demilitarization, as well as the de-wepoization of the information space, etc. We also need to know how we see the world’s agenda after the russian federation is defeated, because it will be a different world after that.
  • After the defeat of the russian federation, Ukraine must demonstrate its willingness to assume responsibility for global order. In addition to our NATO membership interests and the continuation of all EU membership obligations, the issues of the International Tribunal and justice, the payment of reparations and compensations, and the military-industrial complex should be on the agenda. When discussing long-term systems, we should also discuss joint production and innovation in this field.
  • Following russia’s defeat, the most powerful army will be the Ukrainian Armed Forces, which will de facto and de jure become the Armed Forces of Europe. Furthermore, this is our contribution to the global security architecture.
  • When it comes to the tribunal and fair punishment, it should be understood that while those who gave and carried out the orders bear personal responsibility, it is the responsibility of the entire russian society to pay us reparations.
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