The West must admit that it allowed the genocide of Ukrainians – Hanna Hopko

Only a complete military defeat of russia is the way to sustainable peace.

Hanna Hopko, the head of the National Interests Advocacy Network “ANTS”, emphasized this during the broadcast on “NV”.

“Therefore, no compromises, no concessions. We saw how these 8 years of political and diplomatic settlement led to genocide,” says Hanna Hopko.

The leader of the “ANTS” emphasizes that the exhaustion of the enemy in this war is happening slowly, due to the limited resources of the Ukrainian defenders.

“We need to explain to the West that Ukraine needs fighter jets yesterday. Attacks are also delayed. Because there is some fear somewhere, the enemy’s exhaustion in this war is not happening at the same rate. We must make it clear that the cost of success in our offensive operations with such limited resources is high. After all, there are times when we don’t even have anything to help the injured. More armor and ammunition are required. As a result, the task now is to persuade the West that a faster victory for Ukraine is in the interests of the West. This is true both in terms of economic issues and global food, as well as terrorism, which russia carries out. This is true both in terms of economic issues and global food security, as well as terrorism, which Russia engages in various ways. Our main task is to persuade them that we cannot simply stand by and watch as massive missile strikes bring our energy system to a halt, threaten blackouts, freeze Ukrainians, and wait for generators to arrive from around the world. We need to think ahead and explain why this is significant”.

Hanna Hopko emphasizes that if arms deliveries were faster and larger, our territories would be reconquered faster and with fewer casualties.

“And the progress would be faster before winter. This message is explained to them. Yes, we are grateful for what we have already received, but this delay has already resulted in irreversible human losses for us. As a result, we request that actions such as the destruction of critical infrastructure be prohibited for the time being. Many people want to talk about Ukraine’s restoration, but every day that the supply of weapons is delayed raises the cost of future restoration. At the conference in Canada, a very good phrase was said that democracy had been lost in Afghanistan, so we say that Ukraine is an opportunity for the West to demonstrate that democracy has a track record of success”.

The West must admit that it allowed the genocide of Ukrainians.

“The West will finally admit their errors, that they have committed crimes, particularly genocide. It should be an open and honest discussion. Because the strategy for containing russia is flawed and demonstrated defeat. Considering China’s ambitions for global dominance, North Korea’s constant provocations, and Iran’s politics, the West must decide whether this reliance on critical mineral resources in authoritarian regimes is more important than the substantive civilizational issues of protecting democracy, – Hanna Hopko says. – Our job is to keep talking and explaining so that the level of support does not dwindle. While the guys are on the front lines, we have to knock them out and keep everyone on their toes, so that every minister of every state wakes up and wonders what he hasn’t done for Ukraine yet: he started his day with Ukraine and ended it with the realization that there is still work to be done”.

And the russian federation must realize that they will not escape punishment.

“It is necessary to inform russian society and the oligarchy that an agreement will not be reached. They should understand that, just as Nazi Germany’s society paid reparations for generations after defeat in WWII, the same fate awaits all russian citizens. Nobody will escape punishment, whether by an international tribunal or through payments. We must work extremely hard in this situation”.

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