The task of our experts is to help communities in recovery – Natalya Fedorovych

The key tasks of the project “Strengthening Communities For Ukraine’s Victory and Revival” “Strengthening public trust” USAID/UCBI III are analysis of the development of communities prior and study of their capabilities and strengths, as well as assistance in developing recommendations for recovery and development.

Natalya Fedorovych, the head of the project, a member of the National Interests Advocacy Network “ANTS”, told about this on Channel 5.

“Despite the war, life goes on in Ukraine, and the task of our experts is the front that we are obligated to provide – to assist our communities created during the decentralization reform process. Among the tasks we have assigned ourselves is an analysis of the development of communities prior to the start of a full-scale invasion, an analysis of their capabilities and strengths, as well as assistance in developing the best possible recommendations while taking modern technologies into account,- Fedorovych emphasized. – Experts will make recommendations for all aspects of community life, including health care, social security, education, culture, and the economy. During the work, historical aspects and the potential for strengthening them will be considered. We will also discuss possibilities for small and medium-sized businesses. It is essential for us to assist the communities with which we work as much as possible”.

Out of more than 70 communities that applied for participation in the project, 30 – were selected.

“These are communities from 10 regions of Ukraine. The largest number of participants is from Sumy Oblast – 9. Also participating in the project are communities from Dnipropetrovsk Oblast, Kyiv Oblast, Zhytomyr Oblast, Chernihiv Oblast, Odesa Oblast, Vinnytsia Oblast, Lviv Oblast, Ternopil Oblast and Volyn. These are different communities: from rural, settlement to OTG. There are no regional centers among the participants. We deliberately chose communities of this size. In our opinion, they are the ones who need our attention and consultation”.

Experts’ job is to understand the community’s needs, write clear recommendations, and attract donors for reconstruction.

“Our task is to consider all needs, make the best recommendations possible, and assist communities in rebuilding with the help of external and internal donors. For example, in shelled-out communities, much attention will be paid to the reconstruction of facilities, including shelters. We are aware of Israel’s experience, which will be incorporated into the recommendations. One of the major issues will be energy and effective energy-saving technologies”.

The project’s leader emphasized that signing the declaration on democratic development and zero tolerance for corruption is one of the conditions for cooperation.

“We believe that this is a necessary prerequisite for discussing full community development,” – she highlighted.

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