The New Strategy of the Ukrainian Cultural Foundation was Presented in Kyiv

On December 7, a new strategy of the Ukrainian Cultural Foundation was presented in Kyiv. The expert platform of the”Restoring Ukraine together” project contributed significantly to the document  development.

The strategy was developed in several stages, project expert Yaroslav Petrakov noted during his speech. In particular, a cycle of discussion of the Strategy project by experts with the Fund’s team and focus groups with stakeholders by sector was held, as well as the accumulation of the evidence base.

“During the development of this cornerstone document for the Foundation’s activities, we considered the opinion of specialists, artists, cultural figures, and representatives of the authorities. The active involvement of the public sector made it possible to improve and strengthen the content of the Strategy, for which I am infinitely grateful,” said Vladyslav Berkovskii, UCF executive director, during the presentation.

In June 2023, representatives of the cultural community and NGOs initiated a public discussion of the project of the UCF Strategy. As a result – the expert group was formed to jointly finalize the document to the requirements of the time and the real needs of all interested parties.

The full text of the strategy is here.


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