The first experts of the project «Restoring Ukraine Together: building inclusive platform for Ukraine’s revival» started work

The team of the project «Restoring Ukraine Together: building inclusive platform for Ukraine’s revival», carried out with the support of the European Union, completed the stage of studying the most requested expertise related to the processes of European integration and post-war recovery of Ukraine at the level of executive authorities, and identified three main directions, which will be worked on in the coming months:

  • water and sea transport;
  • culture;
  • financial monitoring.

It is about the development of specific draft documents, analytical materials and recommendations for them with the aim of harmonizing Ukrainian legislation and management policies with the requirements of the European Union in these areas.

The first two experts selected as a result of the tender procedure, Volodymyr Rabotnyov and Taras Marshalok, have already started work.

Mr. Rabotnyov is working on drafts of regulations in the field of control of sea vessels by state inspectors in ports, procedures for entry and exit of ships in ports, health protection of crew members on board sea merchant ships, other relevant regulatory documents with the aim of bringing them to the requirements of the directives EU and EU legislation in the field.

Mr. Marshalok is preparing an analysis of the state of funding of the culture sphere in Ukraine at the regional and local levels for 2022.

All findings and documents developed by experts within the framework of the project will be brought to a wide discussion among stakeholders in a series of events that the project team plans to hold in May – September 2023.

Experts in the field of financial monitoring and harmonization of Ukrainian legislation in the field of culture according to EU standards will soon join the project. A sociological survey among representatives of the project’s target groups is also planned for April to determine their involvement in post-war reconstruction planning processes and awareness of requirements for harmonization of legislation in accordance with EU standards in the fields of culture, water and maritime transport, and financial monitoring.

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