The experts developed eight scenarios for Ukraine’s development and discussed their implications for the export strategy

On January 25, the country’s leading stakeholders gathered at Foresight to develop scenarios for Ukraine’s development in accordance with global trends until 2030 and to determine their impact on the export strategy.

This was announced by Ilya Neshodosky, the head of theNational Interests Advocacy Network “ANTS” analytical department, who also attended the event.

“The goals of Foresight are ambitious, but absolutely clear and logical: to work out and form the most likely scenarios for Ukraine’s development, to determine which scenarios are most favorable for Ukraine, and to form an action plan to maximize Ukraine’s export potential. During the day, top stakeholders such as politicians, economists, and experts in advanced technologies and ecology worked on this project”. According to Ilya Neskhodovskyi, there were also representatives of civil society and legal experts in the field of legislative activity. “Based on the discussion’s outcomes, leading trends were formed, which, according to the participants, are currently being observed and will determine world trends that will affect world markets, and thus what export strategy Ukraine should pursue. It was determined which trends Ukraine can influence, as well as the consequences of the actions taken. Eight future scenarios have been developed based on fundamental trends, and a list of tasks that must be completed in order to implement the most favorable scenario has been defined”.

Around 70 people attended the event, including representatives from national and regional business associations, leading exporters, representatives from national and regional governments, industry experts, analytical centers, business schools, business media, public organizations, and so on. Valery Pekar, UNDP consultant from Foresight for the recovery and development of Ukrainian exports, is the event’s organizer and moderator.


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