The enemy’s discrediting campaigns will continue in the future

Russians talks about Ukrainians possibly using weapons received from Western partners benefit the enemy. Their goal is to reduce Ukraine’s aid.

«We know who is behind it; they are especially beneficial to the enemy in order to reduce aid to Ukraine; in fact, the delay of weapons is pushing Ukraine to the negotiating table,” said Hanna Hopko, head of the «ANTS» National Interests Advocacy Network. – It is critical to emphasize here that over 93% of Ukrainian society believes and understands that the Ukrainian victory is the complete restoration of territorial integrity. There are no exceptions. The cost we’ve already paid is so high that only a Ukrainian victory will suffice! And this is in the West’s best interests».

Hopko noted that there will be many more discrediting campaigns by the enemy.

“They will tell us about corruption within Ukraine, so I would like to call on our government, the president, so that there are no delays, but concrete actions, all to remove any opportunities for criticizing Ukraine and undermining the global coalition, like Rammstein, to provide us with modern NATO weapons.”

Our task is to win faster.

«That is why we must persuade how to increase the supply of weapons. The delay, which is particularly related to NATO tank models, is difficult to explain with any sound arguments. On the one hand, it is necessary to demonstrate what miracles the Ukrainian army performs, and what we could do if we had more fighter jets. We also need to train ground troops in parallel from pilots, so that we can demonstrate compatibility with NATO by all criteria. I think that in the future, after the victory, Ukraine’s membership in NATO will no longer be a matter of long discussions».

The Ukrainian army showed not just high morale, but the most effective usage of American weapons.

«We have demonstrated a decisive ability to protect the world from totalitarianism. And the longer the war lasts, the more authoritarian regimes perceive it as a free window of opportunity. Therefore, our task is to speed up the victory so that the authoritarian regimes understand that the world is united around Victory».

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