The “ANTS” team delivered humanitarian aid to Glukhiv

National Interests Advocacy Network “ANTS” team continues to provide humanitarian aid to Ukrainian communities.

“Warm blankets were delivered to the Glukhiv City Hospital, the Regional Psychiatric Hospital, and a kindergarten. Nutritious cookies – 1000 boxes were distributed to all preschool-aged children in the community, and 271 boxes were distributed to children with special needs. We also brought scarves and mittens. These items will be given to children with special needs, orphans, and children from low-income families, according to Petro Shot, a volunteer and member of the “ANTS” Network. – We continue to work on the humanitarian front, delivering aid to those in need.”

We will remind that Gluhiv and the surrounding region were victims of russian aggression. From February 24 to April 4, 2022, active hostilities occurred in and around the city. Furthermore, the communities in this region have been repeatedly attacked by russian shelling and rocket attacks.

Humanitarian aid was provided by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Taiwan 外交部 Ministry of Foreign Affairs, ROC(Taiwan) at the request of the head of NGO “ANTS” Hanna Hopko and with the assistance of the humanitarian organization Polskie Centrum Pomocy Międzynarodowej (PCPM) and NGO Forest Initiatives and Society ForestCom.

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