Registration for the course “Assessment of environmental damage from Russian aggression” has started

The National Interests Advocacy Network ANTS, together with partners and the Prometheus platform, developed the course “Assessment of environmental damage from Russian aggression”.

The developers of the course emphasize that Russia should pay for everything it destroyed, including the environment.

“It is not enough to simply state that ‘Russia commits environmental crimes.’ We need to prove it with convincing facts and figures. This course is dedicated to teaching participants how to calculate the damage caused by Russian aggression to the environment and nature. We have gathered leading environmentalists, economists and lawyers to teach you how to collect and record evidence, use formulas and apply the law. Our target audience is communities, local self-government, business owners, specialists of state and communal institutions, scientists of nature reserves and national parks, foresters and water managers, ecologists, journalists, bloggers,” they say.

Yes, course participants will learn to speak correctly about environmental damage and loss, as well as the pitfalls and challenges of this topic, and will also receive advice on setting priorities, finding sources of information, and much more.

“We finally did it. Several months of painstaking work. In the conditions of this difficult winter. There were many negotiations, meetings and long consultations with educational platforms. The decisive point was made by Ivan Pryimachenko, the head of the Prometheus educational platform. It was surprisingly easy and pleasant with him. Somehow there was a feeling that everything would work out, said project coordinator Olena Sas. – We are very lucky with teachers. There was an extraordinary atmosphere of cooperation, trust, professionalism and readiness to work in extremely difficult conditions. I have tremendous respect for these people.

This is Oksana Abduloeva – associate professor of the Institute of Biology and Medicine of Taras Shevchenko Kyiv National University, candidate of biological sciences, a member of the expert group for the development of scientific recommendations for fixation and evaluation of the damage to the environment from the war of the State Environmental Inspection.

Serhii Panchenko – head of the research department of the Hetman National Nature Park, doctor of biological sciences.

Maria Ilyina is the head of the Department of Ecosystem Assessment of Natural Resource Potential of the Institute of Environmental Economics and Sustainable Development of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, Doctor of Economic Sciences.

Halyna Levina is a lawyer at EcoPravo-Kyiv NGO, candidate of legal sciences.

Oleg Listopad – journalist, ecologist, retired officer of the Armed Forces. .”When you work with such professionals, people of this quality, the project grows wings and expands its horizons.”

It is worth emphasizing that the study of environmental damage caused by Russian aggression will help communities and institutions to receive compensation from the state and international donors. It will also contribute to the quality preparation of recovery plans.

Please register for the course here: https://cutt.ly/g4vJtlx

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