Methodological Recommendations and Algorithms for Providing Assistance to Local Self-Government Bodies in the Restoration of Territorial Communities

The experts of the NGO The National Interests Advocacy Network “ANTS” developed the manual “Methodical recommendations and algorithms for providing assistance to local self-government bodies in the restoration of territorial communities.” The guide covers sectoral recommendations and the involvement of donor support in specific sectors and spheres of community life.

The sectoral sections of the Methodological Recommendations cover the following areas: culture in communities, social and humanitarian spheres, health care, education, energy supply and energy efficiency, and land resources. For each of them, the Methodological Recommendations contain information on the key problems of communities in this area and possible algorithms for their solution at the expense of donor assistance. In each area, a list of key international donors that the community can turn to for help is also provided, as well as additional internal resources (both public and private) that can be engaged by the community.

Recommendations can be downloaded from the link.

The manual was developed within the framework of the project “Strengthening Communities for the Sake of Victory and Revival of Ukraine”, “Strengthening Public Trust” USAID/UCBI III.

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