It is Important to Keep Reminding the World about the War and the Necessity to Fight on All Fronts

In the fight against the aggressor on the economic front, one cannot limit oneself only to the circle of experts and the actions of state institutions. It is important to involve the public so that the sanctions pressure processes move.

This was emphasized by Serhiy Kasyanchuk, Director of the Mission of the Ukrainian World Congress (UWC) in Ukraine, speaking during the panel discussion “Finances of a terrorist state: how to confiscate?” at the Ukraine-Union Media Centre.

“I represent the Ukrainian World Congress: in essence, the Ukrainian communities around the world, because when we talk about sanctions, we talk about governments, we talk about parliaments that should make decisions. We are talking about international organizations, and it was correctly to mention ‘political will’, and this is the key point. Therefore, in the struggle on the economic front, we cannot limit ourselves to the pool of experts, we cannot limit ourselves only to the actions of state institutions. It is very important to involve the community to keep the sanctions pressure process moving. And here, the Ukrainian communities around the world play a very important role”, – emphasized Serhiy Kasyanchuk.

He noted that Canada is a great example of a large diaspora, a strong influence of the Ukrainian idea, and concrete solutions.

“I would like to thank Alexandra Сhyczij. Canada is a great example of a country with a large diaspora, where the Ukrainian idea has a strong influence and concrete solutions have been developed. Canada has led the world on the economic front, but there are certain internal processes going on in this country as well. For example, when the Canadian government decided to give a turbine to Siemens in violation of its own sanctions, the Ukrainian World Congress filed a lawsuit in a Canadian court over the government’s decision to issue a permit for the return of the Nord Stream 1 turbines repaired by Siemens Canada to Germany. The Ukrainian Canadian Congress initiated parliamentary hearings. Experts took the floor and presented their arguments. The Siemens Canada case should be seen as a safeguard against further “exceptions”.

According to the Director of the Mission of the Ukrainian World Congress (UWC) in Ukraine, it is important to constantly and tirelessly remind the world about the war and the necessity to fight on all fronts. We should not forget about the intangible side of sanctions.

“From the first days of the war, we initiated the «United for Ukraine» Project. Millions of internally displaced people have left Ukraine. We are talking about the return of money. We are also talking about the return of people. It so happened that they found themselves away from home in foreign countries.  We appealed to the countries: “take note, help”. Countries are doing it, but what they are doing is adapting our people to their economies and to their lives. And now, here in Ukraine, we need to create economic conditions for the return of these people who have gained Western experience, who have gained Western knowledge, learned the language, and become familiar with technology.”

Sergiy Kasyanchuk confidently emphasized that “We need and we are already working very actively to preserve their identity, to keep them connected to Ukraine, and to bring them back. We all believe that when we come to Victory together, we will be able to bring them back and cooperate to restore our country!”

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