In fact, 70% of our cultural centers are in a state of disrepair – the Kozhan community

The Kozhanska community in the Kyiv region consists of 15 settlements.

After the elections on October 25, 2020, Kozhanska OTG was officially formed. Despite the fact that its voluntary formation began a few years before. The Kozhan community is divided into seven Starostyn districts and consists of 15 settlements (Kozhanka, Sofiyivka, Stepove, Volitsa, Dmytrivka, Pivni, Malopolovetske, Tarasivka, Pylypivka, Elizavetivka, Korolivka, Skrygalivka, Stavky, Trilysy, Yakhny).

“Because we are a young community, we require everything, including roads, lighting, parks, schools, and cultural centers. Everything we have isn’t up to par. A cultural center, for example, must be worthy, live, and move. In fact, 70% of our cultural institutions are in a state of disrepair,” – Volodymyr Sazhko, a community leader, said in an interview in 2021.

The community had plans to help children grow and improve their lives. The war did not deter the community; on the contrary, the Kozhanska community participated in the project “Strengthening Communities For Ukraine’s Victory and Revival“. A strategic session was held, during which community representatives collaborated with the team of experts from the “ANTS” to identify and develop strengths.

This project “Strengthening Communities For Ukraine’s Victory and Revival”, “Strengthening Public Trust” USAID/UCBI III is implemented with the support of the United States Agency for International Development (USAID).

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