Hanna Hopko took part in the main international conference of the Czech Republic

Hanna Hopko, the head of the network for the National Interests Advocacy Network “ANTS”, attended Forum2000, the Czech Republic’s main international conference.

It is worth noting that the conference was founded in 1996 by Vaclav Havel and has since evolved into a Forum in support of Ukraine. The Czech Presidency of the EU, which began on July 1, prioritized the Forum this year.

“The first discussion panel at Forum2000 features the foreign ministers of Germany, the Netherlands, Poland, the Czech Republic, and Ukraine. Although this is not the first time, it is still pleasing when a Ukrainian minister not only attends meetings of EU foreign ministers, but also speaks on the same public platforms as them (in all senses of the term “on the same level”) “), she stressed. – Not less significant was the participation of the foreign ministers of the two countries that “drank” us the most blood in the context of Ukraine receiving candidate status – Germany and the Netherlands – in the discussion about Ukraine and its future in the EU. It’s one thing for ministers from friendly Poland or the Baltic states to say things like “Ukraine will be a member of the EU” or “Ukraine and the EU share a common future,” but it’s quite another for Annalena Berbok or Wopke Hoekstra to say it. All of the ministers agreed that Ukraine should win this war, and that their countries should stay and support Ukraine for as long as it needs it. As part of the Ukrainian delegation at the Forum, we took the opportunity to thank German Minister Annalena Berbok and Czech Minister Jan Lipavsky for their support and briefly express our vision of Ukraine’s priorities.”

Volodymyr Zelenskyi spoke at this year’s Forum online.

“It’s a shame it’s not in English, because much was lost in translation. However, it is critical that the Czech Republic participates and recognizes the Czech Republic’s role since the outbreak of the war with Russia,”- she penned a letter. – It is also worth noting that Minister Annalena Berbok responded to Czech Foreign Minister Jan Lipavski’s question during the conference, “How does Germany see a successful Ukraine?” by saying that it is up to the Ukrainians, not Germany, to decide, and that “we are ready to support Ukraine as much as necessary for victory.” Although decisions are not always made quickly and are not always harsh, the minister’s position and German society force the government to be more decisive in the provision of weapons and sanctions.”

Hanna Hopko also emphasized that Annalena highlighted the importance of winter preparation.
“After all, if people start protesting against rising gas prices in the winter, she believes we should offer social assistance rather than lifting sanctions against the Russian Federation. Because this is a matter of solidarity and how we, as responsible politicians, resolve the issue while still supporting Ukraine.”

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