Every millimeter of Ukrainian territory must be free of Russian occupers

Only Ukraine’s military victory and the Russian Federation’s recognition as a state sponsor of terrorism can “cure” the total lies of Russian propagandists.

Hanna Hopko, head of the National Interests Advocacy Network “ANTS”, emphasized this on Channel 5.

“All these Russian lies are treated very simply. The first is the military victory of Ukraine. Every millimeter of Ukrainian land must be free from Russian occupers. Therefore, we continue to produce more weapons and insist that countries speed up their supply and not be afraid that russia may use tactical nuclear weapons, – says Hanna Hopko. – The second is the documentation of all crimes. After Bucha, Irpin, etc. It is important that the world sees all these photos. Especially when there will be a UN General Assembly. It is very important that the Congress finally has decisions, and there are already registered legislative initiatives to recognize russian aggression as genocide. And we also insist on recognizing russia as a state sponsor of terrorism. It is important that the punishment becomes simply irreversible for them. Not only for putin, but in general for those who are involved in war crimes, crimes against humanity, acts of genocide and environmental crimes. Because there is still ecocide – it is already hundreds of hectares of Ukrainian land, which are toxic due to the use of phosphorus bombs and other types of weapons by the russians, which are prohibited by various international conventions.”

Ukraine should continue to document all crimes.

“I sincerely hope that the Ukrainian Prosecutor General, who is currently in the United States of America, will emphasize everywhere that all of these actions must be recognized as genocide, – she said. – Recognizing russia’s actions as genocide will allow the sanctions to be strengthened further, as the current ones are insufficient. We organized a visit to the US capital of Taira last week as part of our International Center for Ukrainian Victory, so she could testify about the hell she went through during her three months in captivity. These testimonies should serve as evidence, hastening the recognition of russia’s actions as genocide. Senators had the opportunity to ask questions for the first time during this entire period in the US Congress, in the Helsinki Commission led by Senator Cardin. They were curious about Taira’s behavior as a civilian, the conditions of her detention, and how the Russians tortured her”.

According to her, Taira stated unequivocally that there is no difference between the KGBist methods used to exterminate Ukrainians in the previous century and the use of torture today.

“All in order to eliminate false testimony about fictitious crimes, which would then be used for propaganda both within and outside of russian society. We saw a lot of interest after her testimony, not only from the American media, which interviewed Tyra, but also from the State Department, which made a video that will be shown during the UN General Assembly. It is critical that the rest of the world, which is concerned about tariff increases during the winter, understands the price Ukraine is paying.”

Hopko highlights that Taira’s testimony is an opportunity not only to keep attention on Ukraine, but also to maintain Western societies’ high level of understanding and support, so that Russian propaganda cannot mobilize protests.

“We were even told that if we want to persuade the Biden administration to give weapons faster, we should tell more stories like this so that everyone understands what horrors these are,” she says.

Hanna Hopko says that Russia is using nuclear blackmail to deter military aid to Ukraine.

“Nuclear blackmail is an old russian tactic used to discourage the provision of military aid to Ukraine, especially given the success of our counteroffensive. But we are explaining why it is critical not to do so in the United States and in Brussels. Because this means that other authoritarian regimes in the country with nuclear weapons can declare tomorrow: “and we will fight now, and if someone interferes with us, we will use nuclear weapons.” That is, by allowing Russia to use nuclear blackmail, we are opening a “Pandora’s box” in the same way that other authoritarian regimes have done. As a result, our task is to hasten Ukraine’s victory.”

The US believed that increasing weapons would allow the Ukrainian military to advance.

“What was nice to hear from Washington? This enthusiasm. “Tell us about how the Ukrainian Armed Forces are retaking territory on the offensive. What is the secret, please? What are your future plans? And how much ground will be gained before winter? Will you be fighting something in the winter?” I tell them that it all depends on you: the more weapons you give them, the better. In general, we will be able to take back Crimea with specific weapons by the end of the year. At the very least, take back Donetsk, as well as the Donetsk and Luhansk regions, and leave the Crimea until next year. There could be several scenarios. However, everyone adores winners.”

According to the head of the “ANTS,” while there were many discrediting materials in August that questioned Ukraine’s ability to win the war through military means, they now believe that with an increase in armaments, it is quite possible.


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