Every each of Ukrainian territory will be free from russian occupiers

russia’s attempt to anex Ukrainian territories in 4 oblasts has no legal consequences. Ukrainian Arm Forces will continue the successful liberate Ukrainian temporary occupied territories and every each Ukrainian territory will be free from russian occupiers.

This was emphasized by the head of the National Interests Advocacy Network “ANTS” Hanna Hopko during the Warsaw Security Forum.

“And I think real game changer or how to say the strongest position from Ukraine is recent address from President of Ukraine to the indigenous peoples of russia. And I would like to repeat his call: fight to avoid death, defend your freedom in the streets and squares. – Hanna Hopko said during her speech. – So, as I optimist, I would like to share my dreams. One day in red square in moscow will be two memorials, one of the genocide organized by Stalin and another – genocide organized by russian federation. And this will happen. Because together with the international tribunal, conversations, and I would refer to the situation, when postwar Germany paid a lot. Not just for kremlin totalitarian regime but also russian society should also pay reparations”.

Head of “ANTS” highlighted that in 1991 the Soviet Union’s disintegration was a defeat of communism, but not a defeat of colonialism, not a defeat of imperialism.

“We must learn from the collapse of the Soviet Union and incorporate it into the development of  strategy for russia, we have to tell the truth that’s happening in Ukraine. Russia is committing genocide. Russia should be designated as a state sponsor of terrorism. That’s the first. I want to see that the representatives of russian opposition  also join and come down then and recognizing that that that is a genocide. The second, I also would like to react to the weapon received from Germany because modern NATO standard leopard tanks are not in Ukraine. And what I heard in Berlin? That we want to help Ukraine to win but not russia to lose. I need seen a half pregnant woman, I’m sorry, – she emphasided. – If you really want to help Ukraine, please give us modern weapons and help Ukrainian fighters actually to guarantee that every each of Ukrainian territory are free. Because undeliverated recently territories…. That we have seen in Izum? It’s even worse that we have seen in Bucha, in Mariupol. And for Ukraine it’s now about territories. It’s about saving lives of people, which are every hour facing atrocities, facing rapped kids and others. So we have to stop russians killing Ukrainians”.

Hopko underlined that Ukraine does not require any agreements with the aggressor, and that russia should capitulate!

“An international tribunal, and also reparations like postwar Germany. It’s the only way to democratize. And I don’t want to hear about other conditions for negotiations – it’s not a time for negotiations. 95% of Ukrainians believe that we are winning and defeat russia totalitarian regime is in the interest of the whole world, it’s in the interest of Indo-Pacific region, where is another authoritarian regime that waiting when to attack another society or countries. So I think it’s really important to learn the lesson. Now we need weapons at the scape at the level that we will liberate Ukrainian territories according to the international recognized boarders which includes also Crimea”.

The leader of the “ANTS” focused in her speech that those who drag around weapons will be responsible for many deaths that could have been avoided.

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