Educational institutions received generators thanks to the Ukrainian-French initiative

The National Interests Advocacy Network “ANTS” continues to support communities. Yuliya Vusenko, a member of the “ANTS”, together with the head of the district military administration, Yuriy Lobach, handed generators to the heads of the Ustyluza City Council and Litovezka Village Council. Additional power sources will be installed in general educational institutions of these communities.

The generators arrived within the framework of the joint initiative “Light through Winter” of the National Interests Advocacy Network “ANTS” and the French non-governmental organization «Stand with Ukraine”. Its goal is to provide communities with generators so that, despite the power outages caused by russian missile attacks on Ukrainian cities, critical infrastructure facilities continue to function there.

“We are grateful to our French partners for their support and faith in Ukraine and our victory. Such initiatives show concrete examples of how the world cheers for us. It gives us even more strength in our fight and shows us once again how much we can achieve by joining forces. In addition, such joint projects debunk russian narratives concerning that France is tired of the war and that it is ambiguous on the issues of Ukraine,” said Yuliya Vusenko, a member of the “ANTS” Network.

In particular, she noted, the president of the “Stand with Ukraine” association, Edward Mayor, emphasizes that since the beginning of the war, the “Stand with Ukraine” team has focused on mobilizing the French public in support of Ukrainians resisting the enemy. The task of the organization was to become one of the “generators” of comprehensive solidarity with Ukraine in France. It organized large-scale demonstrations in Paris and other cities, conducted information campaigns, involved representatives of the authorities, parliamentarians and politicians. However, not only politicians, ministers and officials support Ukraine, but also ordinary citizens, residents of French cities and municipalities, who constantly came to “Stand with Ukraine” with the question of how specifically they can help at their level. In fact, everyone is amazed at the extent to which the French sympathize and want to be involved in the Ukrainian issue now.

This is, in fact, a joint initiative of the united network of parliamentarians, including the EU: “United for Ukraine”, in cooperation with “ANTS” the National Interests Advocacy Network and the French organization “Stand with Ukraine”, – noted Kateryna Musienko, an international relations expert of the “ANTS” Network. – The idea was born during the advocacy trip of the “United for Ukraine” network to Paris. We saw that not only politicians, ministers and officials support Ukraine, but also ordinary citizens, residents of French cities and municipalities. Therefore, the idea of ​​cooperation of municipalities directly with our communities arose”.

The head of the district military administration Yuriy Lobach thanked Yulia Vusenko for supporting the communities of the district, the important contribution of the organization she represents to maintaining the proper functioning of the communities’ critical infrastructure. He also noted that the district authorities appreciate all volunteer and public initiatives aimed at approaching victory over the enemy, including promoting energy independence and stability of the state.


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