Another meeting was held within the framework of “ANTS European Studios”

On March 18, Saturday, in the apartment of Bohdan Gavrylyshyn, the acting Ambassador of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine met with the youth. Minister of Agrarian Policy in 2019, Doctor of Sciences Olga Trofimtseva.

It was another meeting within the framework of “ANTS European Studies”. During the meeting, those present talked about Ukraine as a global player in agri-food markets in the context of European integration.

“Agro-industrial complex is our strong point. We should understand how European integration will affect this area. And not only this one, says Olena Sas, a member of the “ANTS” Network. – Olga Trofimtseva’s competence goes beyond the agricultural sector and concerns the economy of global markets, European markets in general, the values of European society, and our national characteristics. We talked about the trends of the agricultural sector in Europe, about the ways and methods of supporting farmers, about overcoming the consequences of the war for the environment and how to ensure the environmental sustainability of products, about the grain agreement, about why the European agricultural sector can be a little tense, expecting greater pressure of Ukrainian products on the European market, about traditions of growing vegetables and much more. It was a very sincere, warm, lively conversation. We will definitely continue it.”

The event is held within the framework of the “MATRA”/”Key principles of Ukraine’s effective path to the EU: monitoring, cooperation, education” Program project.

Additional Information:

ANTS European Studies is a unique approach to educating promising Ukrainian youth, immersing students in the theory and practice of European integration.

It consists of a combination of lectures by leading European and Ukrainian experts, intellectuals and practitioners, recorded in Bohdan Gavrylyshyn’s apartment, from which a distance learning course is formed on an open educational platform, and further live meetings of the most successful students in face-to-face format with lecturers.

The value of this combination lies in the listeners’ in-depth and step-by-step understanding of the specifics of the work of European institutions, their effectiveness, their connections with national management systems, EU budget and fiscal procedures, as well as the activities of various markets, innovation ecosystems, the latest developments in the fields of defense and security, etc.

An important component of the training is also familiarization visits of students to Europe and internships, as well as possible further work in the Ukrainian central authorities and analytical centers of Ukraine to fulfill our country’s effective European integration progress.

The European studies are part of a larger plan of the NGO Network for the National Interests Advocacy Network “ANTS” to form and nurture a new state elite, a network of new generation specialists who will work for the good of Ukraine, being part of state and civil institutions.

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