There is no Key Decision in Washington on Ukraine’s Victory, Says Former MP Hopko

Biden should have realized by now that Ukraine’s victory is the primary goal for the whole world.

This was stated by Hanna Hopko, former MP, chairman of the board of the ANTS The National Interests Advocacy Network, on the Espresso TV channel.

“The United States says it will stay with Ukraine as long as necessary. But the ATACMS should have been held a year ago to confirm the strategy for Ukraine’s victory,” the former MP said.

According to her, Biden should have already realized that Ukraine’s victory is the primary goal for the whole world.

“Biden should have realized that after his failure in Afghanistan, Ukraine’s victory would increase his chances of winning his presidential campaign. He will be armed with a successful story of how Ukraine defeated russian authoritarianism, and it is all interconnected,” Hopko said.

She recalled the Warsaw Security Forum last fall, where everyone was talking about the de-occupation of Crimea in 2023. At the time, there was a sentiment that Crimea was an absolutely realistic target. And now everyone is disappointed because the counteroffensive is not so successful and effective. Unfortunately, we have to explain to everyone that the Ukrainian Armed Forces are doing a miracle in those conditions of limited resources. 

“We need to make it clear to our Western partners that the longer the protracted war in Ukraine, the war of attrition, lasts, the more conclusions various authoritarian regimes draw and realize that now is the time of the West’s weakness and new threats can be created. For example, China, which has been postponing its invasion of Taiwan, will take advantage of the domestic political crisis in the United States. This will be an opportunity for them to try to carry out real attacks,” summarized Hopko.

Therefore, the key message from Ukraine should be the defeat of russian federation as a state sponsor of terrorism. 

“We have to show authoritarian and dictatorial regimes that we stand firmly behind each other in democracies and uphold international law based on respect for territorial integrity and sovereignty. But the level of support that we are receiving now is insufficient and unconvincing for authoritarian clubs. They don’t see that the West is serious about helping Ukraine win this war,” the former MP summarized.

Source: Espreso

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