The successes of the Armed Forces on the front lines and Ukraine’s advancement to EU and NATO membership – nightmare for the russian regime

The successes of the Armed Forces on the front lines, as well as Ukraine’s advancement to EU and NATO membership, are a nightmare for the russian regime.

Hanna Hopko, head of the National Interests Advocacy Network “ANTS”, emphasized this during a broadcast on Channel 5.

“They will go to any length to promote their narratives, using useful fools, intelligence networks, propagandists, paid think tanks, politicians, and movements they have supported for years, – Hanna Hopko stated. – We took a flight to Munich, where the security conference will start. After the formation of the tank alliance, our mission is to continue mobilizing the world, breaking misinformation, and demanding fighter jets and long-range systems. Ukraine must overcome russia militarily in 2023. We must persuade the world that we cannot continue to see our country suffer in this attrition battle. Ukraine must obtain what it requires to win. If there is a shortage of ammunition and it is difficult to begin manufacturing in Europe, let’s talk about South Korea, and let’s seek for other ways for Ukraine to win this year.”

Furthermore, one of the most important jobs for civil society and defenders of human rights is to keep the world’s attention and interest focused on Ukraine.

“It is important not only to keep attention and interest in Ukraine, but also to maintain a high level of support from societies. russia recognizes that this war is a maratho, – says the “ANTS” leader. – And in this societal marathon, regular people who are tired of inflation and the fact that the theme of war is continuously hanging are natural things. As a result, it is vital to seek for new formats and recognize that elections will be held in the EU, the United States, russia, and other countries in 2024. As a result, in the heart of these societies, many forces will attempt to politicize the problem of russia’s war against Ukraine in their own purposes.”

Hopko emphasizes that because of this it is very important to send troops of the Ukrainian military to former prisoners of war in order to appeal, for example, to American society.

“Furthermore, we must demonstrate our willingness to be transparent, particularly in defense procurement, so that opponents and russian propagandists do not use corruption scandals to undermine Ukraine. Because it works against the entire state. Now is the time to continue not only destroying the enemy and reclaiming our areas, but also to make efforts to maintain reforms so that trust in Ukraine grows and Western society’s support grows.”

The leader of “ANTS” noted that people’s diplomacy should also work harder at this stage.

“It should be like an orchestra, with everyone knowing their part so that the magnificent symphony of Ukrainian strength can be heard,” – she said. – When some embassies abroad do not help us in organizing meetings, since they do not provide us any good from some centers, then I have a question: “Why instead of supporting us and working together for Ukraine?” Foreigners occasionally assist us in organizing high-level gatherings because they want Ukraine to be discussed. This is why I support coordinating the strategic goal. We notice certain disagreements, but also diverse points of view, such as which fighter jets we require. One ministry claims that American F-16s are required, while another claims that Swedish F-16s are required, and so on. I want government officials to recognize that we are all one national team during such an existential fight. It is critical that we hold regular coordination meetings… We are doing everything possible to speed Ukraine’s victory, but winning also necessitates coordination within the country.”

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