The reaction to the russian federation’s circumvention of sanctions should be painful

The reaction to the russian federation’s circumvention of sanctions should be severe. States should not leave loopholes in the restrictions, no matter how much they help Ukraine.

Ilya Neskhodovskyi, the head of the National Interests Advocacy Network “ANTS” analytical department, stated this today on the FREEDOM TV channel.

He noted that companies attempting to avoid or even circumvent sanctions can be found in Ukraine’s partner countries, including the United Kingdom.

“The United Kingdom should act as strictly as possible in relation to these companies, so that other companies have no desire to profit from the war or from sanctions,” – Neskhodovskyi says.

In addition, he considers it at least strange that the public learns about the routes and methods of circumventing sanctions from journalists, and not from investigative bodies.

“Which European investigative bodies are working where, and who should be the first to discover these routes? They have far more means and opportunities to obtain this information, allowing them to immediately initiate legal proceedings and, at the very least, inform the leadership of both the European and American parliaments. There are numerous questions here “said the broadcast’s guest.

He also emphasized that the principle of sanctions is absolutely unacceptable: “here it is not a pity – we will cut it off, here it is a pity – we will not cut it off”.

“Sanctions should not be implemented in the following manner: if we are not sorry, we will cut off, and if we are sorry, even if money plays a decisive role in russia’s ability to continue the war, we will not cut off. This is totally unacceptable… Whatever you are doing now is good, but you should not leave loopholes for russian companies to enter the American market, the European market, or the Asian market,” – Neskhodovsky explains.

According to him, the European Union’s provision for criminal liability for circumventing sanctions is a positive step.
“It’s not just a game of chance: I’ll earn, I won’t earn, or I’ll earn but then lose due to fines. It is a question of whether or not all of the organizers will be imprisoned later. They will serve a real prison sentence “He stated.

Simultaneously, Neskhodovsky emphasizes the importance of instituting and strengthening sanctions against third-party countries that assist russia.

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