The Premiere of the Ukrainian Documentary “Strong as the Earth” Took Place in Poland

The premiere of the Ukrainian documentary “Strong as the Earth” took place in Warsaw at the Kino Luna cinema, known for showing original and festival films. The show gathered supporters of Ukraine, including Polish public activists and politicians.

“Strong as the Earth” is a documentary project about people who, despite the horrors of war, create a life in Ukraine; hold the rear while the military holds the front. The Polish audience received the tape emotionally: there were tears and loud applause. The guests had the opportunity to talk to the film’s heroes, Ukrainian volunteers and civil society activists, Lesya Volya, and Anna Bogatiryova, film author and director – Lyudmila Melnyk, and ICUV member Vlada Dumenko before and after the screening,  says Kateryna Musiienko, an expert in international relations of the ANTS Network.

During the conversations behind the scenes of the premiere, the “Strong as the Earth” team talked about the numerous facts of the destruction of the Ukrainian cultural heritage and identity of our nation by the russian occupiers. They also talked about the Ukrainian youth, who are already making efforts to restore the country. And that, in fact, Ukraine already needs grants for the restoration of infrastructure. They also emphasized the need for special medical equipment, which is so important for saving lives. They also talked about the development of prosthetics and rehabilitation centers in Ukraine.

“I would like to sincerely thank the entire Polish people for their support, for walking with us side by side in this war on a common path to our common victory. In particular, to our regular partners, Euromaidan Warsaw, Victoria Pogrebnyak, and Natalka Panchenko. In order for this victory day to come as soon as possible, Ukrainian soldiers need to achieve superiority in the sky, and for this, we need F-16 aircraft. Please support Euromaidan Warsaw’s petition to President Biden to provide F16s. The link to the petition can be found in the header of Euromaidan Warsaw’s social media profiles.”  said Vlada Dumenko.

The event was organized by ICUV with the ANTS Network, with the support of Euromaidan-Warszawa and Stand with the Ukraine Foundation.

Information about the film: “Strong as the Earth” is a documentary project of the National Interests Advocacy “ANTS”, created with the assistance of the “Renaissance” International Fund”. This is a documentary project about ordinary, unusual Ukrainians. About those who feel responsible for their loved ones, acquaintances, and often even distant and strangers. About those who feel responsible for the country as a whole. Responsibility for what it is and what it will be. Because they know: each of them is Ukraine. This is a project about faith – that the war will definitely end. And it will definitely end with the victory of Ukraine. Because in different parts of the country there are ordinary extraordinary people. People who are as strong as the earth…

It includes stories of people from four regions: two that were partially occupied by the russian army, Kyiv and Chernihiv, and two rear areas in the western part of Ukraine, Lviv and Rivne. The film shows the lives of internally displaced persons—people who relocated their businesses, had to rebuild their homes or city infrastructure, or simply are continuing to work regardless of the risks of war.

The goal is to inspire the West and Ukraine to rebuild, show new ways, and share personal stories of heroism. To show how in Ukraine, in the conditions of war, civil society is being hardened, which is important in the context of international partnership and for attracting investments.

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