The Most Important Areas of Work of the Week

The team of the National Interests Advocacy Network “ANTS” works intensively in various directions. We actively talk about our activities on various platforms, in particular on social networks. We decided to make a selection of the most interesting materials for the week from our social networks, which were not included in the main publications on the website.

  1. Ukraine should receive an invitation to join NATO at the summit in Vilnius!

The day before, the European Parliament adopted a resolution with a call to officially invite Ukraine to NATO at the summit in Vilnius.

“This is a powerful signal to the White House that there is unity in NATO regarding the invitation of Ukraine. And let’s not confuse an invitation to NATO with membership. We have developed Ukraine in the NATO 33 campaign, where there is a first stage before the summit in Vilnius to convince Washington to change its position and actually avoid the mistakes of the Bucharest summit in 2008, when Ukraine and Georgia did not receive the Membership Action Plan (MAP), and this caused the russian invasion of Georgia in 2008, and then russian aggression began with the annexation of Crimea in 2014. Therefore, NATO should not be an alliance of undecideds. Now is the time to take brave and bold steps in order to protect the security of Europe and strengthen the defense capability using the unique experience of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Well, this is the moment when NATO has understood for a long time that they also need Ukraine,” said Hanna Hopko, head of the board of the NGO “National Interests Advocacy Network “ANTS” on Channel 5.

More details in the video.

2. “Ecocide” in Kakhovka: EU strategy to prevent russian terrorist attacks. An important discussion was held in Brussels, dedicated to the biggest man-made disaster in Europe in recent decades: the “ecocide” in Kakhovka.

The head of the “ANTS” Network, Hanna Hopko, together with other experts, EU officials and members of the European Parliament gathered together to consider the critical issue of ecocide in Kakhovka, to highlight the consequences of this russian terrorist act for Ukraine and beyond, and to discuss how the EU can actively prevent the terrorist activities of russia.

“The explosion of the dam and Kakhovka HPP created an ecological disaster, and this disaster happened on the territory of Ukraine. But its consequences will have a negative impact on many countries of the Black Sea region. We have already heard from the Bulgarian media about the negative consequences of the pollution in the Black Sea and the situation with agriculture. Consequently, it is not only about Ukraine but also about food security and many other problems,” said Hanna Hopko.

The key conclusion from the discussion was the mandatory continuation and strengthening of support for Ukraine and Ukraine’s accession to NATO.

  1. I prayed for three days and lost 10 kilograms of weight…

The tragic story of Serhiy shocked Ukraine and the whole world.

Volunteers of the ANTS Network led by volunteer Petro Shot came again to Kherson Oblast with humanitarian aid. During the trip, the volunteers met Serhii, and told him about how the occupiers killed his 13-year-old son. This happened eleven days after the liberation of Kherson…

Please watch the new episode of Volunteers Diary on YouTube: https://youtu.be/pFO9q65ep2Q

We continue to document the crimes of the terrorist state and be inspired by the resilience and fortitude of our people!

  1. Conferences on the Victory of Ukraine are needed!

Today, the Ukraine Recovery Conference began in London, a large event devoted to the reconstruction of Ukraine during and after the war with the russian federation.

“It is very good that there are such conferences and that we go there to present our plans on how to help communities now and how to look for investors. These conferences are signals that the West is with us. But I wanted to see the Victory of Ukraine conferences, where they would talk about providing Ukraine with ATACMS and about Ukraine becoming the 33rd member of NATO after Sweden. I really hope that, in particular, the task of restoring territorial integrity to the internationally recognized borders of 1991 will also be a subject of discussion. The West must finally make a strategic decision regarding Ukraine’s one hundred percent victory. There must finally be a decision for Ukraine to win in 2023. They should make this historic decision at the summit in Vilnius and invite Ukraine to join NATO. An official invitation does not mean membership tomorrow,” said the head of the ANTS Network, Hanna Hopko, in a comment on Channel 5.

More details in the video.

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