The Master Plan as a Strategic Planning Tool

What is a master plan, and how can it help communities rebuild?

Olena Rybak, executive director of iC consulenten in Ukraine, told about this during the online webinar “Reconstruction of Cities, Destroyed by War: Experience, Challenges, and Opportunities”.

The master plan is a strategic planning tool, thanks to which you can understand what the main problems are and define a list of investment priorities for the next 20 years.

So, for example, a master plan has already been chosen for the restoration of Trostyanets, which will be based on the principles of stability and sustainability, according to which international communities are developing.

“This is a document about long-term planning, about a strategic vision. It is based on existing strategies, for example, the strategy of socio-economic development. That is, we do not take and or create something new. We can say that we take everything that already exists in cities and simply adapt it to today’s challenges,” says Olena Rybak.

She emphasized that it is necessary to do better than it was, not to exclude urgent priorities but to avoid “patching holes”.

“Quickly but not qualitatively, it will not have a positive impact on long-term development,” she emphasized.

So, the master plan is based on all strategic things, unlike the master plan, which, in fact, is an engineering document. At the same time, the master plan is the formalization of a complex vision of the area in the future.

“This is a certain kind of social contract: how and where the city wants to develop, in what direction,” says the expert.

The master plan is a general document that gives direction and needs to be detailed.

“It is necessary to make business plans, technical and economic justifications, etc. under him. But at least it becomes clear in which direction to move.”

Having this kind of planning and investment will send a strong signal to people who want to come back that this is the future of the city. Calculations are also important for investment planning with certain prioritization, but without urgent measures.

For reference, iC consulenten is an engineering and consulting company that is part of the Austrian iC Group. Presented in more than 100 countries.

iC consulenten started working in Ukraine in 2013. Among her projects are the technical supervision of the construction of the Zaporizhzhya Bridge, the implementation of traffic management systems in Lviv, the technical support of the project of energy modernization of municipal buildings, etc.

About the project:

The National Interest Advocacy Network Project “Rebuilding Ukraine Together” is implemented with the support of the European Union and aims to establish effective processes of interaction between all key agents of the Restoration of Ukraine: state and local authorities, international donors and partners, expert and professional communities, and representatives of civil society.

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