The Longer the Discussions Last, the Fewer Chances there are for the Approval of Aid from the US to Ukraine, Says Hanna Hopko, Former Member of Parliament of Ukraine

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Hanna Hopko, former Member of Parliament of Ukraine, Сhairman of the Board of the ANTS National Interests Advocacy Network, believes that Ukraine should have had a plan B regarding the search for weapons in third countries for a long time.

She said this on the Espreso TV channel. 

“The longer the discussions last, the fewer chances there are for the approval of the aid package for Ukraine. Ukraine should have had a plan B long ago to find weapons in third countries and to finance them. It is necessary to understand where to get the funds, if in an optimistic version, with a delay, but still, the US Congress will vote. And if the USA does not vote? This question should be answered by the Ukrainian government, the Ministry of Finance, and the President of Ukraine,” said Hopko.

According to her, it is necessary to speak frankly with Ukrainian society about the problems that are already quite obvious.

“We clearly understand what will happen if there is no American aid this year. It is currently unknown what the results of the US elections will be. There are questions: What is our strategy for this period? Under various scenarios, including the worst. The president should invite people who have authority and who can communicate with other states. Will Europe finally be able to wake up and help Ukraine? The question remains whether Europe will be able to cover what the US will not. It feels like we are at a crossroads,” said Hopko.

Sourсe: Espreso.

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