The exhibition “Azovstal. Fight for freedom”.”ANTS” as one of organizers

The exhibition “Azovstal. Fight for Freedom” will open on August 25 in Bratislava.

The exhibition is organized by the International Center for Ukrainian Victory in Slovakia, the National Interests Advocacy Network “ANTS”, and the Embassy of Ukraine in Slovakia, as well as the Slovak organization BKIS.

“This will be a photo exhibition of the works of Orest, a soldier from the «Azov» battalion who is currently imprisoned in russia. On the last day before our team left Azovstal, he wrote that the photos were in the public domain and that anyone could use them to tell the world the truth. We took advantage of this opportunity. Our mission is to tell the world the truth about our defenders,” – Natalya Veselova, an expert on social policy and European integration issues and the director of the “International Center for Ukrainian Victory in Slovakia”, said during a Channel 5 broadcast project.

More information about the exhibition in the video:

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