How to Preserve Ukraine’s Environment and Approach EU Membership: a Letter of Appeal to the Ministry of Environment

ANTS experts wrote a letter with proposals to the Ministry of Environmental Protection and Natural Resources of Ukraine and proposed new changes to the country’s recovery plans.

We propose to introduce the following changes and additions, which, in our opinion, also correspond to the strategy of Ukraine’s approach to EU membership:

  • “To develop the program “Reduction and Elimination of Peat Extraction as a Component Basis of Ensuring the Sustainability of the Country’s Climate and Water Supply”.
  • “Introduce a moratorium on the issuance of permits for the development of peatlands until the approval of the program “Reduction and Elimination of Peat Extraction as a Component Basis for Ensuring the Stability of the Country’s Climate and Water Supply.”
  • “Give each of the peatlands the status of reserves/nature monuments/reserved tracts depending on the possibilities.”
  • Develop a draft law ‘On Wild and Picturesque Rivers’ based on the example of a similar law in the USA.
  • Prepare and approve at the level of the Verkhovna Rada (as a law) the “Environmental Restoration Plan” in accordance with the EU Biodiversity Strategy until 2030.

This is quite a strong step in preserving our ecosystem, and we believe that the authorities will support our proposals. This will help preserve the ecosystem and bring Ukraine closer to EU membership.

“ANTS” comprehensively supports efforts and plans for the reconstruction of the country, implements separate projects aimed at restoring and preserving the environment of Ukraine, having the relevant expertise and achievements.

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